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Mickey Factz GWHH Radio Freestyle + Interview

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Mickey Factz "GWHH Radio: Art Freestyle"
Mickey Factz "GWHH Radio: Extended Interview"
Listen to the uncut interview above!
Just a couple weeks back, we were able to chop it up with Mickey Factz in the studio on our GWHH Radio program. For those who missed one of our most entertaining segments yet, we have not only the full (and extended) interview above, but also Mickey's ridiculous a capella freestyle, inspired by our discussion of art! The freestyle is filled with witty lines and historical references to some of art's greats (like Picasso and Leonardo), which come natural to Factz - a lover of contemporary and street art. In fact (no pun intended), here is a small sampling of the dope lines that Mickey spits above:

"Imagery. Museum in Sicily, lookin' for Mona Lisa in Italy,
No more writing my rhymes down, this is calligraphy,
When I'm done, ya'll will cheer, who you know with this ability?"

"Life's like art without an eraser, you better watch how you draw with it,
I do this per diem, cuz I been realer feelin' like Ben Stiller spending nights in the museum."
You will have to listen to the full a capella to also catch how he twists art references into movie references. Factz named all of his favorite artists in the discussion prior to the freestyle, in addition to two more interesting things you may not know about his personality. The interview was also primarily an extensive and informative talk about the music as Mickey talked about the creative process on the I'm Better Than You mixtape, the reason for its delay, and what upcoming videos to expect from the project. Other topics include how he landed the Honda partnership, some initial details about the upcoming album, The Achievement, and the aforementioned conversation about art that you can now hear for the first time in the extended interview! So without further adieu, enjoy some quotables from the interview below and download that I'm Better Than You mixtape if you're still sleepin' on it as well. Enjoy!

On the delay of I'm Better Than You:

"It was supposed to drop August 24th and my laptop got stolen August 17th. And all my raps and all my final drafts of the songs and some of the beats were on there. If I didn't get that laptop stolen, I wouldn't have done "Diamond Dust", I wouldn't have done "Melodic Nightmares", I wouldn't have done "Inner Love". I did have somethin' on there that didn't make it, which will probably come out on another mixtape before the album drops, which nobody knows about 'til now."

On The Achievement:

"I want it to be somethin' that will resonate with people not just me being successful, but people just enjoying the successes and aspirations of life... It's not really gonna be my full on story, it's gonna be the conclusion to The Leak series."
Mickey Factz 'I'm Better Than You' [MIXTAPE]
mickey factz x gwhh
Maks G, Mickey Factz, & Sgt. Tibs @ WBEZ Navy Pier Studios
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~ Sgt. Tibs



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