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GLC 'Love Life Loyalty' interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

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I was raised by theater and nursed on pop culture, and dreamt my entire life of a successful acting career. It was just this summer that I fell in love with arts journalism while hosting Chicago Music Project. I'm superdeeduper excited to be continuing on this path with GWHH. I plan to bring my bubbly enthusiasm, free-spirited nature, and silly spontaneity to my interviews. Here's hoping you'll have a good time with Tina P <3

His verse on Kanye West's "Spaceship" put him on the mainstream radar in 2004. Since then he's been persistently in our ears with nine mix tapes and an insane amount of features. Dude has enough material for a few lifetimes. You can even check for him in the latest Source magazine. Say who!?! I'm talking about Chicago born and bred rapper GLC. He recently decided the time was right for his debut album: Love, Life, and Loyalty, released Oct, 12 2010. (Congrats on selling out at the Best Buy on 87th). GLC gave the scoop to Tina P and GWHH about his album, how it's already making history, his relationship with Kanye, and what he's learned during their friendship. GLC even opened up about the death of his parents and the deep (and not-so-deep) reasons he got into music. He is easily one of the most positive, hardworking, humble, inspiring rappers out there! GLC has Chicago's back, so let's have his. Follow the ism. Church.

GLC x Tina P
GLC x Tina P

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~ Tina P



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Lenox Magee said:


Loving the post, TP! Well done!

Tina P said:


Thanks Lenox. You are a doll

Gabriela said:

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You look so cute! Love your shoes!

Looks like you have all the news about everything in Chicago...

Love ya!


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