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On Thursday, Too $hort wasted very little time before bellowing out his infamous favorite word. In fact, many in attendance at the Too $hort concert were caught cracking grins as they heard the B-word again, and again, and again, and again....and again!
Short Dog showed his sense of humor as he took the liberty of calling everyone in attendance his most favorite word on numerous occasions. He even shared his special term of endearment with Shrine's female bartending staff calling them, "sexy b&#$@s" as he shook their hands.

Yes, hip-hop pioneer Too $hort was in rare form at The Shrine. Blow the whistle!!!

The crowd particularly went wild as Too $hort performed the raunchy classic "Freaky Tales." It was a personal highlight for me because I still could vividly remember hearing my older cousins bump Too $hort as a shorty myself.

Too $hort, the consummate player, brought Twista on stage to perform while simultaneously inviting a throng of his female fans to rock with him. As Twista began to kill a quick set, Short Dog was on stage locked in with the ladies. Shouts to Rashaan, Maks G, and his camera's zoom in feature. LOL Fun was definitely had, my dudes!

All in all, I was very pleased with the show. I told myself before the interview that I wouldn't say Short Dog's famed expletive and it took all my might not to use it, low key.

That didn't stop the multiplatinum, Bay Area rapper from sounding off during the interview, however.

Too $hort and I, talked about his legend, longevity in the rap game, comparing himself to best-selling author Stephen King, and even Soulja Boy (whom Short Dog is a fan of.)

Check it out and if you see me in these streets let me know what you think. 

Maks G x Too Short x GY312
Maks G x Too Short x GY312
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~ GY312



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