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The Bears are Good?!?!

Hello Gowhere nation, I am the newest member of the GWHH team, Jesse Brosten aka "The Sage". I have been appointed the resident sports authority here at Gowhere Hip Hop. While a Chicago sports fan, my knowledge of sports is global, and I plan on covering sports and stories from all over.


Before the season began, I think I speak for most Bears fans when I say that there wasn't a giant amount of optimism (nor despair) about the team. After three generally mediocre years (7-9, 9-7, 7-9) following their Superbowl appearance, I feared the Bears were stuck in the hole of mediocrity.
While the offseason splashes of Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna sparked headlines, it was due as much to their combined $100 million contracts as to what they could do on the field. That $100 million also didn't even address the Bears weakest point offensive line. The offensive line which sucked so much last year that even Pamela Anderson had to blush. In sports where the mantra is if you are not getting better you are getting worse, I figured the Bears improved enough to stay the same. I expected a .500 team give or take a game.
And yet against a popular preseason Superbowl pick, with arguably the league's most potent skill players and pass rush, the defense held strong (despite Tony Romo's 374 yards) and the offense looked... dare I say... potent? Mike Martz, I don't care if you are the standoffish, arrogant ass you have been portrayed to be in the media at times. Your playcalling (outside of your inability to call a single QB sneak inside the one yard line) has been magical. Bears fans have been subjected to the torture that was the playbooks and playcalling of John Shoop, Terry Shea, and Ron Turner over the past seven years. Martz and Cutler as of now have the Bears passing game looking elite despite a still shaky offensive line and so-far ineffective running game.
However, a good coordinator is nothing without a quarterback to handle his system, and Jay Cutler is looking a lot like the QB that Bears management deemed worthy of two first round picks, a third round pick, and a starting QB. And by that I mean he looks a lot unlike the fat-faced kid of a year ago who threw into double and triple coverage so consistently that I was forced to believe making bad decisions made him hard (Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton suffer from this disease as well, its called stupiditis).
Even more encouraging for Bears fans has to be the poor play of the Vikings and Brett Favre. Forgot the visceral ecstasy that exudes through my body every time that graying old man throws a pick (it is honestly what I imagine heaven to be like), but if the Vikings decline is real, it leaves the NFC devoid of many good teams. The NFC west looks again like the first team to nine wins will win it (and eight may more than likely be enough). Detroit is Detroit (despite their ability to play the Bears close on the scoreboard, the Bears gained four times as many yards as the Lions before the Lions' final drive). While the NFC East is looking fairly strong, those teams have to play each other six times this year. And in the NFC South, Atlanta and New Orleans are the only playoff threats (sorry Tampa fans, look good against Pittsburgh next week and you can join the discussion, but the only thing softer than beating Cleveland and Carolina is Rex Ryan's stomach).
Maybe it is my stupid Cubby optimism, but after the first two weeks, the Bears outlook for the first half of the season is pretty damn good. After the Packers this week, the Bears face a favorable 5 game stretch against the Giants, Panthers, Seahawks, Redskins, Bills. In this stretch, 3-2 seems probable, 4-1 seems reachable, and 5-0 seems not completely insane.
Having said that... The Bears as of now have only beat winless teams, and despite the Cowboys' preseason hype, 0-2 is 0-2. Bears fans will learn a lot about their team seeing them at home against a good Green Bay team. I just hope in a week this column still holds some truth and I do not have to forcefully remove my foot from my mouth (I leave you now as I find some wood to knock on).
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~ The Sage



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