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Mike Posner '31 Minutes To Takeoff' [ALBUM]
Available NOW on iTunes for $7.99!

Over the weekend we met up with our homie Mike Posner at The Music Lounge in the Hard Rock Hotel, and got a chance to talk with him days before his Aug. 10th album debut! Ever since his first project A Matter Of Time, he's been making classic bodies of work depicting each stage he has evolved to in his life. At the time of that first project, he was taking classes and attracting fans friends all over the country. Then on his One Foot Out The Door he got a record deal selling out shows to thousands, but still finishing up college to get his diploma. Now with paper in hand, Posner's 31 Minutes To Takeoff depicts his total dedication to making music full time, and his full submersion into full blown fame. Only time will tell what this will do to Posner himself, but we already see some of Posner's early reflections of this on his MySpace where you can preview his album for free before its release tomorrow! Make sure you buy the album because it's an amazing body of work where he pulls together a true "all killer no filler super-awesome" album!

In the interview Tibs talks to Posner about the greater concept behind the title, 31 Minutes To Takeoff, where "something" happens 31 minutes into the album. Other album talk revolves around the making of "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" with Bruno Mars and his craziest "Cooler Than Me" story. We further got an idea of some of Posner's most interesting stories on the Warped Tour and cracking up at Will Ferrell right before he performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Stay tuned til the end of the interview for all those funny experiences and some bonus  hilarity between Tibs & Posner. We should all be on the lookout for more from Mike Posner with new singles hitting the radio soon and of course, the album in stores tomorrow! Finally, check out his performance of "Cooler Than Me", which had Belve Nights at the Hard Rock Hotel rockin'. If you look hard enough to the left of the stage, you can see Perez Hilton jammin' out to Posner's performance. We noticed at the time and appreciate Perez's genuine love for music. Big thanks to Mike once again and much continued success to come. Enjoy!

BONUS: Check out Mike Posner's feature on MTV's PUSH (contains live performances and interviews) and his performance live on Jay Leno tonight!

Mike Posner "Cooler Than Me" LIVE @ Belve Nights
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~ Maks G



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