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The Cool Kids interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

"The style switch up, attract crowds with it..." -- Chuck Inglish
Last night, The Cool Kids attracted a crowd alright -- a PACKED one, but only to tackle em!

Maks G and I were amongst the sold-out capacity Cool Kids show at Reggie's Rock Club. Theophilus London did his thing as an opening act and WGCI's DJ Timbuck2 also kept the crowd rocking. Molten lava rocking! It was hotter than giardiniera peppers inside Reggie's. You would have thought The Cool Kids, clad in their patented retro sports gear, were there to cool off the masses. No bet! Instead, they turned up the heat on the all-ages set and broke the lever.
As you might have gathered, I was very pleased with The Cool Kids groove. They had goo gobs of energy. They rocked a highly smooth show (a real robust one at that). They performed much of their old and current material, from That's Stupid, to their newly released Tacklebox mixtape, all to live instrumentation. It is something that I've never seen from them before, which Chuck Inglish expounded on in our interview. Low key, the interview was more like one giant building session. Unfortunately, the battery on the camera died. I know, treated! Maks G still got some great footage of the throwback clad warriors conversing with me about instant gratification in the industry, the WWE-esque aspect of the rap game, and "flodging." Good times like always. Shouts to Rich Parry, Big Z, Skooda Chose, DJ Mano, Andrew Barber, and Hustle Simmons who were also in attendance.

Detroit rapper Boldy James and Tennille, who are also featured on a few Cool Kids records, both performed during the set also. I'm looking forward to hearing more from them, especially Boldy.

After the show, I had to tease Chuck Inglish a little for rocking that Kansas City Royals jersey. It was a pseudo-dagger stab, but not really! I had to honor him because it was a Bo Jackson jersey! Shouts to both of those dudes and Mikey Rocks for rocking the forever classic Jordan #45 Birmingham Baron joint. A south-side enthusiast and avid fan of the current 1st place White Sox peeped. Kudos for that! Don't be surprised if the good guys win another a championship, btw.
Hopefully, it wont rain tonight. And even if it does, still go kick it...
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~ GY312



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Sgt. Tibs said:


Wow, Chuck I. came w/ it, speakin' with passion. Great convo, GY! Way 2 rep ur Sox also, I'ma Cubs guy myself haha. GWHH reppin' both now!

GY312 said:


Yeah, Chuck went in! Appreciate the feedback. Did you also peep my Sox gear? Thats a 1959 White Sox Game Alternate cap. Pow!

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