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Real T@lk interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Real T@lk 'The Mo' Better Mixtape'
Producer: Authentik Made - Released June, 2009

What's up everyone this is GY312, a new GWHH correspondent here to bring you all the best exclusive underground content from right here in Chicago! This past Saturday the Gowhere fam (Maks G, Sgt. Tibs, and I), slid by the brand spanking new PHLI store. A bigger, better, PHLI store smack dab in the middle of Hyde Park... might I add.

Needless to say, it was quite the groove! We were there checking out the Chicago Stomp The Violence pre-event, and also to see fellow SIU alum and writer/rhyme spitter Brandon "Real T@lk" Williams.

In our interview above, we talked about violence in Chicago, life after The Source Unsigned Hype (June 09) accolade, his mixtape "The Mo Betta Tape," as well as writing a critically acclaimed play on college life, and of course his future projects. Big shouts to that dude! I enjoyed interviewing him and he mur-didly-urdered(murdered!) the artist showcase! No Ned Flanders in attendance, just lots of good people, lots of good energy. Shouts to PHLI czar Dave Jeff!  Always on business. His PHLI brand extends past fashion and he remains a very exemplary presence in the community. Shouts to my dude Gideon, also. I definitely had to cop a few PHLI garbs. Thank you "Steve Jeff." Haha.

Last but not least, make sure you all go check out the official Chicago Stomp The Violence stepshow event August 6th at Congress Theater to support the cause. The discount promo code is clout. Peace!

maks x gy312 x real talk x tibs.jpg
Maks G, GY312, Real T@lk, & Sgt. Tibs

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~ GY312



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