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Lupe Fiasco announces All-City Chess Club


UPDATED w/ a POLL! Vote below :D

Wowa! Lupe Fiasco unleashes this bombshell via Twitter - a new collective called the 'All-City Chess Club' featuring many of today's newest artists. My theory is that they all go to the same studio, happened to all go to the same studio that night, and no doubt collaborations were set in motion. Can you imagine all of them on one song together? I'm at least expecting some fresh collaborations out of this bunch, but at a smaller scale. There are a lot of intriguing possibilities, one of which that will actually arrive sooner than later: B.o.B. "Past My Shades" f/ Lupe Fiasco - to be featured on B.o.B.'s debut album, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray, which you can pre-order here, due out April 27th (and a lil' earlier than that to the internets). Lastly, props on that name, first reminding me of our feature on Chess not too long ago. The 'All-City Chess Club'... nice ring to it. Hey, maybe they were having a chess tournament in the studio? This chess club > your high school's chess club. All we can continue to do now is speculate so let's just see what (if anything) comes out of this.

Down below is a batch of new tracks to behold including predominantly R&B. Mario, Johnta Austin, Mishon all crank out solo tracks with collabs from singer Miguel and rapper J. Cole and rapper Slim Thug and singer Slim also available. Hah, Slim Thug and Slim?! Lloyd Banks and Lloyd should collaborate on a diss track at them. Also, Crooked I holds the hip hop down with a brand new freestyle. Enjoy!

Crooked I "I'm Ill Freestyle"

Slim Thug "Callin' My Phone" f/ Slim

Miguel "All I Want Is You" f/ J. Cole

Mario "A Call Away"
FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Mario "On Me Tonight"

Johnta Austin "If You Go"
FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

Mishon "That's My Baby"
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~ Sgt. Tibs



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ManOnNeptune said:


Wow....who wouldve thought. I thought it was one of lupe's bands or something but Its basically the whole XXL Freshman of the year class from last year...either way this is dope and definitely something i will keep my eye on!

SeanTheRobot said:

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Gotta go with Blu in that poll..followed by J.Cole and Wale..

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