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TrackSlayerz talk T.I.'s 'I'm Back' in exclusive interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

TrackSlayerz (Price & Inf)

Fresh off the heels of their biggest release to date, the production team behind T.I.'s comeback single "I'm Back" - the TrackSlayerz - join us for a brand new exclusive interview! The duo, Price and Inf (Infatron4Billion!), discuss everything about T.I.'s "I'm Back" for the first time since its release. Find out some details about the creative process behind the creation of the production (originally completed in late '07/early '08) as well as what happened after T.I. first played "I'm Back" for them in the studio. But there's more to the TrackSlayerz than the recent success of "I'm Back". We also discuss (via e-mail since the duo is in Atlanta and Florida) the group's other collabs with the likes of Gucci Mane, G-Unit, and Jim Jones as well as the entertaining story of how they got started together in the first place. So without further adieu, read our entire conversation below. Enjoy!


GWHH: Describe your production style or sound in seven words or less.

Price: Super High Flying Luchador Gangster Gorgeous Music.

Inf: That's about it.

GWHH: What is the story behind you guys linking up in the first place? How did the TrackSlayerz form?

Price: I actually found Inf via soundclick. We swapped out sounds and then fell out of contact. Around summer time 2006, we got back into contact on AIM and exchanged beats. I liked what he was doing and he liked what I was doing so from there we just decided to work together.

Inf: I got Track Slayer randomly one day from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer while making some tracks and basically was like "Man.. I'm Infamous the Track Slayer!" When Price and I started working together, he suggested we just run with "The TrackSlayerz". I though that'd be wack but I couldn't think of a better name so we stuck with this. Haha...

GWHH: So being the producers behind T.I.'s comeback single "I'm Back", that's obviously a prestigious placement. Could you describe the story of how you linked up with T.I.?

Price: We work on music constantly. That particular beat got into Doug Peterson's hands over at Grand Hustle. They like the music we are doing. They told us as soon as Tip got back he'd be getting a CD with our beats. They kept their word. Next thing we know he recorded to it. Came out mean!

GWHH: About the production itself for "I'm Back", did you guys have him in mind when creating the track?

Inf: We actually made the beat in late '07, early '08. Just some hard street records. At this time, we had no clue who we were trying to get our music to. We just wanted to be heard.

GWHH: What sort of input did T.I. add to the track after he wrote or laid down his vocals?

Price: At the studio, he played us the track once he recorded it. We were blown away - speechless really. At this point we're like, "Let's get this moving now!". We did another mix on it after we heard it though, to make sure it was sounding right. It was pretty cool that Tip and the people were interested in our thoughts on everything.

GWHH: Could you provide any sort of colorful or interesting story of the creative process in working on the track?

Price: When Inf let me hear what he was starting on for the beat, what is now known as the "I'm Back" record, I was like this track is too hard. Like seriously too hard. Haha. Once we added the bass in, I told him the subwoofers are going to hurt with this one.

Inf: Haha, yeah. When I was told they needed the master for the record, I actually didn't believe them. I wanted to go back and redo the whole beat. I actually did. We are our biggest critics. I feel like I can constantly make our music better, advance our sound. So I sat in the lab all night redoing everything from scratch. Eventually we just sent off the original version.

GWHH: Let's talk about the rest of your guys' resume. You have worked with guys like Gucci Mane, G-Unit, and Jim Jones. Was there one artist of the three that you guys had an automatic chemistry with in the studio?

Inf: Not necessarily. We're just making music really. We love all opportunities to work with anyone. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to people's sounds and make them shine.

GWHH: So off the momentum of landing T.I.'s "I'm Back", what's next for the remainder of the year for the TrackSlayerz? What other artists can we look forward to hearing your production under in the coming months?

Price: You know, we're working on a plethora of songs and beats for various projects. We don't want to put out much nor count or chickens before they've hatched but definitely look out for us. We've done a few songs with Tip already. We're in the studio with the whole Grand Hustle family.

Inf: Yeah, we are doing some major things. I'm amped. I've learned over the years to not give away too much until it's for certain but our manager Vakseen and Grand Hustle is really looking out for us!

Ed note: How about the story of the TrackSlayerz coming together (name included)? Haha! I love that and I love technology. Great to hear their perspective on the song and their knowledge of the industry. Best of luck to the TrackSlayerz in the future and we would like to send a special Gowhere Thank You to them and Vakseen for making this interview all possible!

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