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If you don't maximize your down time, it will minimize your lifetime.

Back with another special, exclusive interview - this time with famed musician and author: Fonzworth Bentley. You undoubtedly recognize Fonzworth Bentley in many music videos from the likes of Kanye West & OutKast, but what you may not realize is that Fonzworth Bentley is a man filled with thought-provoking ideals. These ideals were spilled out in our interview at the Pepsi Refresh Project's stop at the Harold Washington Library here in Chicago (no pun intended).

We first discussed all about the Pepsi Refresh Project where Pepsi is donating millions of dollars to help make the ideas of today's youth a reality. There's much more details to the project that Bentley talked about, including his role in the events. We then had to ask Fonzworth about his recent leak of "Fireside Chat", inspired by FDR's Fireside Chats in the 30s and 40s. His insight about the messages behind the song are not only eye-opening but also educational. Bentley goes on to describe his upcoming experiment with colors and geometrics for his next music video and tells us about an impactful personal experience with a U.S. troop currently overseas in Iraq. The meaningful, yet also humorous story acts as another pleasant reminder to be thankful and to pray for the safety of our troops overseas.    
Many thanks go out to Fonzworth Bentley for his time and insight in the interview above, leading by example with positive change and education for our culture. Also many thanks to Pepsi for putting together the Refresh project, which educates and gives back to the community by creating opportunity in places where there once was none.

Find out all about the Pepsi Refresh Project at refresheverything.com

Follow Fonzworth Bentley on Twitter: @cooloutrageous

FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.

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Sgt. Tibs, Fonzworth Bentley, and Maks G.
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