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GemStones "My Hood"

Gemstones is back baby! We are proud to introduce his first release since his long hiatus here on GWHH titled "My Hood". Right off the bat this is what fans have been waiting for! Stones is back with dope lyrical content touching on social and political issues over a soulful Chicago beat. He talks about bad neighborhoods, experiences he had, and problems he sees that need to be changed in such hoods all across the world. It's really fresh to see someone pull of a positive record that one can vibe with. I'm personally excited to put this one on the playlist, and can't wait to see what he'll have in store next. I'm ready for the R&B side of Gemstones to shine too, he's got the best of both worlds, and he's finally back. Download the brand new record above, and click continue reading for another exclusive interview conducted by Chris Robinson after the jump! Don't miss out as they go over a lot of unanswered topics regarding FNF, which I'm sure everyone can't wait to hear. You've waited this long, so wait no more! Get to know Gemstones, and add him on his Facebook too. Enjoy!
Gemstones Interview with GWHH

GWHH Exclusive: Chris Robinson Interviews Gemstones


Real People stand out. Take the Jungle, the East side of Chicago where I sat down with Gemstones. Everything is rugged, all destroyed streets and people who push to never leave. The people on the corners are likely as talented as some of hip-hops biggest names. (As I hear a girl singing Brandy singles in perfect pitch) Yet, It feels like a prison for people working towards becoming successful. So, it comes as no surprise that Demarco "Gemstones" Castle and Chris "Tron" Robinson are staying here coming back to where Gemstones is from, and it's hard to blame him for feeling at liberty: I mean, he did help Lupe Fiasco on 2 LP's, Food and Liqueur and The Cool. He constructs an entirely new susceptibility in hip-hop. It's not the singing that makes him special-- but his way to have all markets understand his message and still keep it amusing to the streets. MCs have been spittin for years. What puts Gemstones in a different space than rappers past and present has more to do with his story before we even get to the music. Now he finds himself in a position to make it.

Chris Robinson: Yo 
Stones: Yo what up 

So, you took a break from music now your back? 
Stones: Yea, I feel back, I had to fall back and get my mind right. 

Yea its been like a year in a half since we heard from you.
Stones: Had to give people time to miss me, A lot has changed since I left. There are a lot of new faces on the scene. 

In today's market, it seems only the Kanye/Drake formula works to accumulate buzz, how do you feel about that? 
Stones: "laughing" OMG wow, really it doesn't matter as long as you make the shot right? Rather you lay the ball in the basket, dunk-it or shoot it from within the 3 point perimeter, it's still 2 points? Get it how you can. 

Do you feel you're in a better place now then you were a year ago? 
Stones: Yes I am, musically, mentally, physically, and spiritually. A year ago I was lost and tripping without a map like T.I. said but, time brings on change. I've changed for the better. I'm actually glad that I had some time to myself to get me right. Can't you hear it thru my music. 

So you were previously Lupe's first runner up, what happened? 
Stones: The inevitable happened. 

Yo, I mean a project never got released and rumor is you're not with FnF anymore? 
Stones: The project on FnF never dropped. Troubles of The World is still coming. Right now I'm getting ready to release "On The Road To Glory: My Story." As far as FnF goes it's not a rumor. I'm no longer an official member of FnF. I will always be FnF in the heart though. I mean I helped build that and no one can take that away from me. No matter what you read or what the paper says, you can't take that away. Go check Lupe's first two albums. I've played just as much of a part in it as he {Lupe} did. I helped build that thing. 

So are you guys still friends? 
Stones: I haven't heard from Lupe in months. That's something you have to ask him. 

So is there hatred between you guys? 
Stones: I have nothing towards him. We had our differences you know but as a man of god the anger that I had in the beginning, I had to let it go. I love him he's my brother so with that said, I'll always want from him what I want for myself. He knows how to contact me, I have the same number and I'm still in the same hood I was in when we first met. 

This record is crazy; I bumped it all day yesterday. It's different from anything that's out right now. How did you come up with the idea for this record? 
Stones: When I heard the beat, I said to myself. What would the average rapper write to this? I came up with the answer and I said that's exactly what I do not want to do. Then I said to myself what is something that no one would think to write to this beat. Then I dug deep down in the inside of me and this is what I came up with. It's all god it's not me. I just submitted my free will to him and this is how he is using me. I'm just a vessel delivering a message. 

So do you think by you not dropping on FnF , that gave Drake a chance to take your spot? 
Stones: No, Drake didn't take my spot. Everything has its seasons. It just wasn't my time yet. You can't get summer before spring. I'm coming though. 

Do you think you are a better rapper than Drake? 
Stones: Once again, you be the judge. Go listen to the "Stay In Your Place" record we did together and you tell me. I'm just a man delivering a message, I'm not here for competition. Everybody has there on opinion, no matter what I say. 

So when can we expect On The Road to Glory? 
Stones: I'll tell you what I'll do. You have to be a friend of mine on facebook to get that answer. So, with that being said Gemstones115@yahoo.com. Come holla at me.

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~ Maks G.



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