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Watch Kanye West 'Coldest Winter' video

Whoa. Let me collect myself... ok, ready. Peep the new video for Kanye West's "Coldest Winter" above, directed by Nabil Elderkin. The video, as with almost all of Kanye's videos, left me moved as a series of powerful images really evokes a dark mood. First, it's the colors. The constant usage of dark blues are a perfect palette throughout the entire video. The video centers on a young woman (in fact, there's no Kanye in the video) and her mysterious journey in a dark, snowy (of course!) wilderness. The last scene (spoiler alert!) featuring the woman plummeting backwards off a cliff into the seemingly endless abyss quite simply gave me the chills. I really appreciate the angle that West and Elderkin took with the video for "Coldest Winter" - really a song that can ignite many different versions for a video. It could have been more literal, but with Kanye's track-record, we shouldn't be surprised that it's not. "Coldest Winter" has had amazing longevity for me due to its combination of lyrics and production that can change a mood and evoke so much imagery, especially during the past two winters. A perfect song to zone out to and one that now has some official visuals to match. On top of it all, the video boasts a new, slightly different audio version of the track that has a stronger beginning than the original. Chilling. Enjoy!

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~ Sgt. Tibs



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abraham said:

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Thank you.

eddyb59 said:


abraham said:

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Get on that new version please!

Maks G said:


This video is beyond words... I love the last second of the video the most...the flash of the woman's face. Kanye is on fire with these videos, he's got the best music videos in the game! Pushin' the envelope every step of the way. The innovation is motivating... can't wait to be able to make moves like that.

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