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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Infinity, producer of R. Kelly's "Echo"

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R. Kelly "Echo"
Producer: Infinity - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Untitled *Tibs Fav.™

We're back with another exclusive interview - this one taking a unique perspective compared 2 most as we traded e-mails with a fast-rising producer named Infinity, who most recently put his touch on the R. Kelly hit "Echo" slated for the upcoming album, Untitled. Naturally, we asked him about how he came in contact with the R&B legend, what exactly he produced for the record, where else you can hear the stylings of Infinity, and lastly what makes his sound so special in the first place. Aspiring artists feel free 2 hit him up and start talkin'; everybody out there enjoy the quick read and download "Echo" above if you haven't already! Enjoy!


GWHH: So you're credited as the co-producer for R. Kelly's recently leaked "Echo". First off, how did the collaboration come about in the first place? What's the story behind linkin' up with Kellz?

INFINITY: I got linked up with Kellz' A&R, Wayne Williams in ATL before they really started working on the album. I stayed in contact with him over time, and re-connected with a good guy of mine Kevin Shine, who believed in my work from the beginning and is now working hand in hand Wayne. As soon as Kevin told me they were coming back to ATL to do pretty much the whole album, I came to the studio and played Rob [R. Kelly] a good 5 or 6 records. They actually took all of them. Two of those records one being "Echo" and the other beat which had a hook already done on it, was "Banging The Headboard".  That was my 1st time meeting up with Rob, great guy, Genius!

GWHH: Now let's talk about the techniques on the track itself. What sorts of things did you do on the record and what was the creative process like between all the parties involved? 

INFINITY: Going back to the 1st question on Co-Production. It was actually produced by me and my former partner, so there was no production track wise on Kellz' end; you can see on the track listing everyone on the album was a co-producer.  We all brought somethin' 2 the table on "Echo". After Wayne described a little more about the album, it was back to the drawing board. You just gotta know Rob's sound, Sex sex sex haha! Give him somethin' to make the ladies go crazy, and then have the guys be like , this sh*t is IT! I gotta put this on that "bedroom mixtape" ha! They brought Claude Kelly in to write with Rob! HE KILLED "Echo"! Dude is a beast. It was an honor to get a chance to work with Rob. I got hits for the next guy now :) so when anyone's ready...lets get it!

Do you have any other big-name artists or upcoming artists that you have or are working with currently? Similarly, are there any projects for you in the near future?

INFINITY: Yea definitely, let me back track for a second. The stuff I've worked on prior to this was "Mary J. Blige - Take Me As I Am" and I actually did production (drums) on "Lupe Fiasco's "Daydreaming"  I had a few more cuts as well.   But right now the new shit I have coming is, Ludacris featuring Flo Rida, my good friends Roc City which is gonna be crazzzzy, and a couple of new artists on capitol "Kollosus" & "718". I'm excited about the new guys, I think 2010 is gonna be a great year for the up and coming!

GWHH: Lastly, what is it about Infinity that separates him from the rest of today's up and coming producers?

INFINITY: What people have got spoiled with over time with new producers, is that if you don't have "defined sound" then, your not where its at. But really if you go back to check some of the best that did it, The Quincy Jones, & Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, there were sounds in all of their records that would stand out, that you would be familiar with. But every record wasn't the same snare drum or same synth or same bassdrum or movement. Its not, "well since this 1 record was a smash, it has to be copied down to the T". I don't have a "Defined" sound, I just make GREAT records. Your gonna notice things in every song that's gonna set me apart from everyone else. What people really get into, is my drum programming. Trust me, every record that comes out, is gonna have hard hittin' drums that your gonna feel somewhere in ya chest region lol!

***Contact Infinity: MySpace (myspace.com/infintybeats) or Twitter (@infinityplus1n)***


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~ Sgt. Tibs



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