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Fresh off their surprise appearance at Lupe Fiasco's Remember 2 Smile concert this past Thursday, Dude 'N Nem took some time out of their Friday to talk with me about how that all came about as well as their upcoming album, Tinted Incubators, that will be available everywhere November 3rd. Chicagoans have probably heard Upmost and Trygic (the members of Dude 'N Nem) on the Power 92 airwaves with their current single "Sounds Sexy" and we discuss the creative process behind that record as well. Peep it all below and thank you once again to Upmost and Trygic for their time as well as Nancy B. for making it all possible. Enjoy!


GWHH: So right off the bat, you guys were one of the surprise guests at Lupe Fiasco's Remember 2 Smile concert last night at the Congress Theater. I'm sure that must have been a thrill for you guys to join him on stage. So how did this all come about in the first place?

UPMOST: Well, it turns out Lupe had been putting together a show in Chicago and wanted to do it with Chicago artists that had a name already and a song that fit it. It was dope. But as you know, it was all Lu's show. He did 3 sections with a few Chicago artists. And we're all kind of like family; we came from the same umbrella.

GWHH: Cool, Trygic, could you talk in more detail about the same umbrella you guys come from and do you have anything else to add? 

TRYGIC: Yeah, we go back with Lu as he was one of Capone's artists from the first time he had a deal. We were also with Capone so naturally we linked up together from the same umbrella. They called us up to have us on show, just like that. Like Upmost said, it was dope. [Ed Note: Presumably from Lupe's first solo deal w/ Artista Records?]

GWHH: Yeah, just like that. It was great to see Lupe bring out Chicago artists like yourselves to share the stage with him in his show. So looking ahead, you guys got a lot going on yourselves with the new album, Tinted Incubators, available November 3rd. Can you guys discuss what sorts of concepts and goals you have lined up for the album?

TRYGIC: Basically, the approach we took at first was that we started out comin' up with song after song after song after song after song. And so we wanted to go for a more energetic feel for our album. The more songs you create and give that energy to in that process, the more you can start piecing together the album out of process of elimination. We want Dude 'N Nem to be an artist that anyone can listen to. You know, we're fun and entertaining, whether we in the studio, show, just out fur fun - the same fun translates into our music. It's feel good music. Music that'll go beyond the normal and where song after song is gonna be remembered.

Yeah, that's perfect at a time that I sense a lot of people are craving feel good, fun music. Upmost, do you have anything to add?

UPMOST: Yeah, just to name some of the songs - "The McDonalds Song" is a real fun one, "Feet On Fire". "Holy Goes Real". It's just real vibrant, real energetic and that's the sort of feedback we've been getting.

GWHH: Awesome, now the one current single you guys have now also follows the sort of fun, entertaining feel you've been describing - "Sounds Sexy". It's also evoked in the video so I was wondering if you guys can talk about the creative process behind the creation of the track?

UPMOST: Basically, the creative process behind "Sound Sexy" was more like a song idea to do that type of song and that's how we basically work. Trygic had the idea, he presented  it and we came up with the words. The rest is a wrap.

GWHH: So now, you're saying that Trygic came up with the idea.. was that based off the beat or did the beat come next..?

UPMOST: Yeah, he had Xcel made the beat. He then took that beat, then applied the concept of the song, so basically when he presented the song to me with the idea, it was already at a good stage where we then took it and put in words and the melody.

GWHH: Cool, that's very interesting. So lastly, I wanted to talk about the juke dancing style that also partly defines Dude 'N Nem. Basically, can you tell the readers how this Chicago sound has had an impact in developing your own sound and how much of it can we see on the album?

UPMOST: So what happened was.. the juke sound is a house sound. And juke is ghetto house. So we grew up listenin' to juke and house music and different types of Chicago sounds. So we're already influenced by the sounds. But we didn't' set out to base our album on the sound entirely. The album is totally different than the single. Every song is different in its own way and we brought different varieties. You know, there's sounds mixed up with jazz, hip hop, rock and a sound mix that's like a lil' Salt 'N Pepa. We like to call our sound the alphadelic music - put it in a whole category.

GWHH: So it's clear then you guys want to reach people of different demographics, fans of the different sub-genres of urban music? 

TRYGIC: Yeah, different demographics like you said. It might be on there - somethin' on there for everybody. Every person who listens to the album can come away saying there was a song on there that I liked.

UPMOST: Each song is gonna speak to the listener in a different way.. it's everybody. We don't wanna be labeled as a group who does a certain type of music. We want to have fun, create good music, step in any circle and any area of music we feel; however, we wanna express ourselves at the time and make it good.

TRYGIC: And also, each song pushes us to do the next song. We don't get satisfied after one song; we gonna keep recordin' songs on that level. As a result, a lotta tracks don't sound the same. We take what already done and push it forward.

GWHH: Cool, so that's pretty much all I had today but before I let you go, would you mind letting the readers know where they can follow you guys online more closely and where the album will be available?

TRYGIC: Yeah, Tinted Incubators will be available in stores, iTunes, Rhapsody and really everywhere online. We stay in tune with our MySpace the most - myspace.com/dudennem. And you can also follow us on Twitter, same thing - twitter.com/dudennem. And be on the lookout at our YouTube page - we got some fun webisodes coming soon as well!


Dude 'N Nem "Sounds Sexy"



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