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Download the Chicago remix of Drake's "Forever" featuring S-Preme, LA, & Bullet

"Forget forever, I want the ever after"

Drake "Forever (Chicago RMX)" f/ S-Preme, LA, & Bullet
Producer: Boi-1da - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™ *GWHH PREMIERE*

CHI-Town stand up! 3 talented upcoming Chicago artists - S-Preme, LA (Of LA & Mr. Music), and Bullet - join forces over the track that brought Drake, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, & Eminem together. It's "Forever: The Chicago Remix"!

S-Preme leads things off illustrating his now signature ever-changing flow that especially finds its groove in the set of bars extracted below:

"Runnin' around grabbin' coins like I'm on the bonus level,
I'm in the game, tryin' to play, make my way to owner level,
I'm Sears Tower n****, I am Hancock,
And watch how Preme is rappin', I'm a beast like I'm The Sandlot"

- S-Preme
The Sandlot punchline is Preme's favorite line of his verse (explained here for those unfamiliar) and he follows it up with more fury that also contains a clever reference to his previous collaboration with LA, "Wake Up", and an "Infinity!" (like "Forever") punctuation to conclude his verse.

Speaking of clever references, LA comes through next, delivers the iconic line extracted below the cover, and then naturally incorporates four of his previous remixes within just a few bars. I'll let you look out for the four: "Blame It","How It Was Supposed To Be", "I Hear Them Calling", and "I'mma Star". Instead, take a look at the conclusion of LA's verse, which features multiple double meanings:

"Told 'em I'm a star,
Like I'm Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,
Before LA got to LA, LA wasn't a star
Get it?
Lew Alcindor, every beat I injure,
Smash every track, ain't no need for a censor,
Mr. Clean mouth, no grill, no dentures,
Extra, (When I'm) Winterfresh, spit
Orbiting your mentals!"

- LA
In case you didn't get it, "Before LA (Lew Alcindor) got to LA (Los Angeles), LA (Lew Alcindor OR LA) wasn't a star". Finally, Bullet concludes the track paralleling Lil' Wayne's position in the order. The hip hop/pop artist channels his inner rhymes for his verse, droppin' punchlines like the one below, and also cleverly incorporating his official website to powerfully end the verse.

"That's why my whole career growin' bright,
Paid tuition, now show money, you doin' open mics,
And my flow is tight, all I do is drop bombs,
Better than all of you rappers and I'm makin' pop songs"

- Bullet
The original "Forever" is one of the year's most powerful anthems - one that I have yet to kick out of my rotation - and so I always welcome new verses over the pump you up Boi-1da production, especially from the likes of three talented artists we have pushed here at GWHH for the past couple years! All three really do their thing, which makes for a new version of "Forever" that can stand on its own.

How did it all come together? Mr. Music had the idea, recorded and mixed LA and S-Preme and then reached out to Bullet on Twitter for the final piece of the puzzle. As for the cover, Max G. & I conceptualized the image based on the original, while of course incorporating the now iconic image of Derrick Rose swatting Rajon Rondo's last second shot in last year's playoffs. Who needs LeBron when we got D-Rose?! Any thoughts on your favorite verse? Enjoy!

"Twitter me a picture lemme see that okaaaay":
@SPreme // @latrellharvey // @mrmusicsound // @gobullet


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~ Sgt. Tibs



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Kyra Kyles said:


I have to be upfront and say I'm not on the Drake train. He has promise, but I am not sold on the next-best-thing-in-the-game crown that has been foisted upon him. That said, "Forever" is the one song from him I really like and this re-imagination of it is very well executed and I enjoyed listening to it. Good post!

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