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Mike Posner - One Foot Out The Door [MIXTAPE]


01. One Foot Out The Door
02. I Don't Trust Myself
03. Traveling Man [Snippet]
04. You Don't Have To Leave
05. Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh RMX)
06. Don't Trust Me (Benny Blanco RMX) f/ Kid Cudi & 3OH!3
07. Kiss Me Thru The Phone f/ Saigon
08. Red Button
09. Bring Me Down f/ Big Sean & Freddie Gibbs
10. Mirror's Edge (Benzi RMX) f/ Bun B, GLC, & XV
11. Speed Of Sound f/ Big Sean
12. Close The Door f/ Clinton Sparks

The up and coming Mike Posner - fresh off his deal w/ J Records - just dropped his new mixtape, the cleverly titled One Foot Out The Door, a couple days early and it's 12 futuristic sounding, produced tracks that leave me wanting even more. "One Foot Out The Door" sets the tone - one that is successfully and very importantly carried out in the next three tracks "I Don't Trust Myself" (EDIT: Apparently a John Mayer cover but I don't listen 2 John Mayer *'Ye Shrug*), "Traveling Man" (full version 2 be released on his 2010 album), and "You Don't Have To Leave". It's a great feeling when you feel like you can relate to the records on the first listen and Posner evoked such a feeling with lyrics that I felt were told and delivered differently. Consequently, I'm expecting "I Don't Trust Myself" is gonna get a lotta plays.

The topics vary as Posner usually croons about a female but when the features kick in heavily with "Bring Me Down" the subject matter changes. "Bring Me Down" is one hip hop fans will enjoy, yet the 'more money, more problems' bravado and weed references aren't particularly for me. "Speed Of Sound" is one of my favorites off the bat as Posner and Big Sean kill yet another of their increasing amount of collabos. The subject on this one: life is now moving at the "Speed Of Sound" for Posner and Big Sean. Fresh off their first taste of success,  they describe their experiences but also the often overlooked emotions that we can't see behind the scenes, which in their cases is loneliness. Sick.

As expected (from me at least), Mike Posner delivered with One Foot Out The Door - an important mixtape for Posner to knock out of the park to prove he's got some longevity in the game. From my seat, it looks like the ball bounced onto Waveland¹. Enjoy!


¹ Waveland is a refernce to the street behind left field at Wrigley Field where home runs often land.. leaving the park.²

² Yes, it is today's release of the Sports Guy's Book Of Basketball that is an inspiration to my inclusion of the occasional footnotes in posts. Yes, I just footnoted my footnote. Yes, I know footnoted is not a word... footnoting FTW!


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~ Sgt. Tibs



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