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Chicago MCs Rhymefest, Naledge, and Twista link up with David Banner to raise awareness of the epidemic of violence among urban youth


David Banner "Something Is Wrong RMX" f/ Lisa Ivey, Rhymefest, Naledge, & Twista

Producer: 9th Wonder - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Death Of A Popstar *TIBS FAV.™

David Banner "Something Is Wrong RMX" f/ Lisa Ivey, Rhymefest, Naledge, Skooda Chose, & Twista
Producer: 9th Wonder - FULL, CDQ, Track off upcoming album, Death Of A Popstar *TIBS FAV.™

UPDATE: You can now download the dirty version with an added verse from Skooda Chose. It is said to be the official version that will be used for the music video.

The backstory: David Banner and producer 9th Wonder released an original track named "Something is Wrong" earlier this month and in light of the Derrion Albert incident, Rhymefest, Naledge, and Twista all hopped on the remix for what has now become an even more powerful statement to stop the violence in urban youth not only in Chicago, but worldwide. On top of that, all the artists involved are meeting up this Tuesday in Chicago for a video shoot / anti-violence rally featuring relatives of victims of senseless Chicago violence and other local celebrities. Sway and the MTV cameras are coming through full force as well who will be on hand documenting the entire process and dedicating 24 hour time slots on their channels to spread the message. This is truly an amazing effort and if you're in Chicago... YOU can stop by at the shoot. Hit the jump for the FULL details.

As for the track itself, let's just start off by saying that you'll have a hard time NOT liking this. Clearly, the message is positive, analytical, and thought-provoking. Rhymefest jumped out at me with his first few bars on his verse, extracted below.

"Everybody want to talk about the problem's kids
But that ain't what the problem is and it's obvious
Imagine if the Cosby kids had to rob to live
Or with HIV positive, it's different now.."

- Rhymefest
Twista's verse was also one of his best I've heard, illustrating his trademark, unmatched fast flow 2 go with some intelligent lyrics throughout. My head was spinnin' on first listen and it wasn't until the subsequent 2nd and 3rd that I was able to catch everything. In between all the verses, Lisa Ivey provides a beautiful hook. Overall, the record is exactly what we yearn for as hip hop fans - one that speaks powerfully about a positive topic and using the art form and culture to effectively shape like minds. Not much else 2 say, except of course... Enjoy!

October 17th, 2009 (Chicago, IL) Due to the recent brutal murder of Derrion Albert, which attracted worldwide press, and the more than 150 homicides in Chicago since the beginning of the year (www.chicagobreakingnews.com) major recording artists David Banner, Rhymefest, Naledge (from Kidz In The Hall), Skooda Chose, Twista, and producer 9th Wonder have united to raise awareness of the epidemic of violence among urban youth within Chicago by organizing an Anti-Violence rally. Additionally, the rally will serve as a creative canvas backdrop for the video shoot and release of the song "Something's Wrong."

On Tuesday, October 20th, 2009, at George's Music Room, located at 3915 West Roosevelt Rd - shoot time starts at 6:00 am. In attendance will be family members and friends of the victims of violence, Chicago Public School students, community organizations, churches, politicians and local residents. Participants are uniting to call for an end to senseless violence utilizing the Hip-Hop art form as a catalyst for change and a platform for youth to engage in community awareness and activism.

Local Chicago celebrities and artists including Twista, AK from Do or Die, Malik Yusef, Naledge, Tiffany of the Bad Girls Club, J-Niice (B-96), Leon Rogers (WGCI), Jamal Smallz (Power 92), The Cool Kids, Crucial Conflict, along with MTV host Sway will attend the rally/video shoot in support of the community and song. Along with partnering with major brands, artist & celebrities, MTV has also made a Commitment to video;

> 1) MTV News Special (Sending a crew with Sway)

> 2) One Hour MTV Doc about the video and violence in Chicago

> 3) MTV2, MTV Jams and MTV have committed to playing the video

> 4) MTV2 and MTV Jams are also going to dedicate 24 hours of programming to the video

All sponsorship requests for "Something's Wrong," Rally/Video Shoot

Please contact

All Media request for "Something's Wrong," Rally/Video Shoot:

Please contact

Amanda Gallup, Email: agamanda.gallup@gmail.com, Phone: 312.720.8170


Briahna Gatlin, Email: b.gatlin@swankpublishing.com, Phone: 773.480.4336

Shouts 2 Amanda, 247HH, & IR


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~ Sgt. Tibs



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