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Gowhere Hip Hop - back once again with another exclusive interview - this time featuring the duo, Playaz Circle! We discussed the origin and meaning behind the name Playaz Circle and similarly with their album Flight 360: The Takeoff, in stores NOW as of yesterday. Finally, they leave us with some uplifting messages about overcoming their personal hardships to get where they're at today. We would like to thank Tity Boy (TB) and Dolla Boy (DB) for their time and cooperation as well as Kirsten T. for setting it all up. In addition to the interview, peep their latest video for "Turbulence" and purchase Flight 360: The Takeoff available at Amazon for only $5.99 below. Enjoy!


GWHH: The first question I have for you guys is actually about the name 'Playaz Circle'. Some of our readers and fans may not know the story behind the meaning of the name so could you guys enlighten us about that meaning and how you guys came up with it?

TB: Well, we started off in the late 90s outta College Park, ATL, you know what I'm sayin'? So we wanted to come with somethin' that best represents us and came up with Playaz Circle What Playaz Circle actually means is 'Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z' - A to Z which means from beginning to end. And 'Circle', 100% of the game, which is all aspects of life. We try to play the game of life; we're all players in the game of life and the circle is symbolic to bring things around.

GWHH: Cool exactly. When I first read that I know people would appreciate the meaning behind the name Playaz Circle. And to keep with the whole meaning behind the name theme, you guys got the Flight 360: The Takeoff album in stores now! How does that name represent what is on the album?

DB: Well basically, you can expect a lot of maturation with this new project. Duffle Bag Boyz: everything on here is the Duffle Bag Boyz success. We did the whole album in our own studio on the south side. It was a different comfort zone for us compared to previous albums. It allowed us to rest and sleep on the records. On the recording side, we recorded 60 tunes for this album and we narrowed it down to the best 15 or 16 that conceptually fit the album. '360' is another analogy for circle. We always felt like we're two of the fliest guys in the game on that level [analogical level]. If you ever been to Atlanta once, when you land, you're actually get in up back there as well as when you take off. So the album has dual meaning; we got kind of like turbulence - things of that nature. Not just turbulence on a plane, but turbulence in life, things going up and down. We put a lot of thought into the album and we're excited about this September 29th release date.


Playaz Circle "Turbulence"



GWHH: That's awesome and sounds really creative. So yeah, let's talk about the singles you got off the album. Right now, there's "Can't Remember" f/ Bobby Valentino; what other single could you guys talk about that are on the album?

DB: Yeah, "Can't Remember" is only one of the singles off the album. We also put out the "Stupid" record featuring OJ Da Juiceman that was a summertime jam. We put out "Look What I Got" - we shot a video for that, we got almost a million looks on that on World Star [Hip Hop]. And "Hold Up"! It's actually building up right now; it's goin' crazy in the ATL right now. And it's definitely a club type of record that's bangin' right now. So we tryin' to get a lot of different looks for all the different consumers right now: the streets, for instance, try and give them what they want to hear and would expect from us.

Good, that's perfect. That's the way you gotta attack it and satisfy the various types of fans out there. So I definitely want to ask if you could leave our readers with a positive message, you guys have gone through a lot of adversity to get to where you guys are today, could you guys talk a little bit about your experiences and how maybe our readers can take that and apply it to their lives?

TB: Well, basically, the mindset behind Playaz Circle, speakin' for Dolla and myself, is that we went through those experiences for a reason and we try to learn from each experience that we go through, whether it's negative or positive. So whether it's trouble with the law, or gettin' into shootouts or whatever, we try to learn from them. And as you can see right now, being able to actually do something that we like, and we think, 'Man, that just keeps our drive going!'. So basically, lookin' forward to what's next. From where we come from, people get shot or shot at, go to jail a lot of times. So we almost get to that part of the adolescence process for us, growing past that. We just keep it movin' and we look forward to what's next and just build off those situations. Then we turn it around and stay optimistic about stuff.. which is really important to do.

GWHH: Awesome, that's the type of mindset that will propel you past adversity and I hope that our readers can see that conveyed through Playaz Circle. So lastly, where can our readers follow you more closely?

DB: Yeah, we got the website - dufflebagboyz.com - where they can follow us in what we're doin'. We're tryin' to get our internet presence up with the social websites. You can hit our Twitter - twitter.com/playazcircle. And all our videos are over at WorldStarHipHop.com - they just have to search 'Playaz Circle'. We shot about six or seven videos for this new album to try and paint the whole picture of '360' so get at us!


BUY [Amazon]: Playaz Circle - Flight 360: The Takeoff
Only $5.99!


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