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Que (Of Day26) talks 'Forever In A Day' in an exclusive interview with Gowhere Hip Hop


Gowhere Hip Hop is back with another EXCLUSIVE Interview as Que from Day26 took the time out to talk with us about the group's sophomore album, Forever In A Day, his hip hop influences, as well as providing everyone some insight into being on tour. It goes to note that we talked with Que earlier this summer when the group was on tour. The interview is a swift, interesting, and still relevant read and we hope you take the time out to read it below. Once again, we would like to thank Que for his cooperation in speaking with us. Enjoy!


GWHH: So the sophomore album, Forever In A Day, premiered at #2 on the Billboard 200, receiving positive feedback from critics and fans alike so I was wondering if you could discuss some of the feedback you've heard from industry peers and fans since its release?

Q: We were excited to come in #2 and come close to Hannah Montana, considerin' how big she really is. It is an honor to come in #2; the fans have definitely enjoyed the album and I'm pretty sure that comin' up another week we can coulda grabbed that #1 spot.

GWHH: And with another upcoming single, I'm sure that'll only help to increase the buzz for the album.

Q: That'll help it even more exactly. We're tryin' to get "Your Heels"; all the fans that burn the CDs and have been listenin' to the CD have said that that song is one of the anthems. So we're definitely tryin' to push "Your Heels" as the next single and satisfy everybody.

GWHH: So is that somethin' you'd have to push to the label and see what they think?

Q: Aw, no no no. That's actually on ourselves to decide. We just have to consider what is good to roll and promote with. You want people to feel the reality; you want people to respect us as singers and writers. I think it's in the promotion and it's in the grind and if we continue to grind, we'll go out and get it. 

Cool that sounds great! So I wanted to take a different angle with this interview being that we're a hip hop blog and more specifically, can you touch on some hip hop artists, past or present, that you particularly enjoy and/or have influenced your work?

Q: I would say.. I really enjoy hip hop. Hip hop means a lot to me. Without hip hop, I don't think I would be alive; I enjoy it that much. It's a part of me, like you have a certain respect for your family I have that same certain respect for hip hop. Jay-Z is one of my favorite artists; I enjoy his lyrics and I think he's an icon in hip hop. Well, I'm 20 years old, I grew up with Jay-Z and Biggie, the whole Bad Boy label. It truly is an honor to be a part of history being a part of Bad Boy, being a part of the Biggie legacy - that whole 2Pac stuff, it's just an honor to be a part of it.

GWHH: Yeah I hear that, you know it's very interesting to see the perspective on hip hop from an R&B artist, especially because it's somethin' I haven't seen asked about you guys yet. So lastly, you know, you guys are actually on the tour bus right now, in fact, right? 

Q: Haha, yeah I'm actually in the back right now!

GWHH: Haha, yeah that's right. So while you guys are currently on the '26 Days of Day26' tour, we are curious to have some insight about being on such a grueling, nationwide tour. So, what can fans expect this time around and what types of preparations does a tour of this magnitude demand?

Q: You know, honestly, this time around the show is going to be a little more edgy and the fans are gonna like this more because they've seen us on Making The Band and now it becomes so much more real. I think this time around, I feel like this time the experience will be very close to the 1st one [tour], which is a good thing. As far as preparing for it, you know, we were opening for the Beyonce tour, all the artists comin' up I know Lady Gaga, everybody doin' their thing. Their work only rubs off [on you] so it was a great thing to be a part of that tour. They take their craft very seriously, and not to put anybody else down, but we just want to be a part of something great and we feel like we got a great thing goin' on right now.

GWHH: Yeah, I mean exactly. How many other R&B groups are having the success you guys are in such a solo-dominated [R&B] industry?

Q: Yeah exactly, you know we don't mind performin' with anybody, but we want the respect. And I feel if we get on that big tour, we get that respect. I want to be on tour with somebody who can sing in front of an arena full of people who understand singing, you understand what I'm sayin'? We want to be tour with people that get more than just the commercial crowd, some people don't understand the singing. We want to be respected as artists and comin' from bein' on TV, sometimes it's so hard to be respected as artists because people don't take you seriously all the time. But we want to show people that there's a difference and that we do understand the singing..

Ed Note: Follow Que (Of Day26) on Twitter @que_day26.


Day26 "Your Heels"
Producer: Jazze Pha - FULL, CDQ, Track off the album, Forever In A Day *Tibs Fav.™

~ Sgt. Tibs



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