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Gowhere Hip Hop interviews Trey Songz before he premieres 'Ready' at Chicago listening party

Trey Songz Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop

Trey Songz READY Listening Party

Trey Songz took the time to sit with us once again for an exclusive interview before premiering his entire upcoming album, READY, in stores August 31st, at his first listening party at The Shrine.

In the interview, Trey Songz discusses the final touches on READY, including in-depth insight into the makings of "Say Aah" f/ Fabolous and "Successful" f/ Drake. We also asked Trey Songz, an avid Twitter user, for his perspective on how the phenomenon has helped expand his fanbase.

After the interview at the Sax Hotel in downtown Chicago, we made our way to The Shrine in the South Loop for the Trey Songz listening party (well, after a pit stop at our favorite restauant, Ear Wax.. Wicker Park stand up!). WGCI's (107.5 FM) DJ Phantom and Loni Swain hosted the proceedings as Loni interviewed Trey between each song. Trey introduced every record off the album with explanations about the concepts and creative processes behind them. He did a couple impromptu performances of songs like "Yo Side Of The Bed" and "Invented Sex". One performance highlight is captured around 8:45 in the video above as Trey Songz freestyled a hook after claiming he feels he can write a song about anything - in this case, a girl who wants to suck on his lips, haha! Overall, the event was a personal and enjoyable experience for the die-hard Trey Songz fans who made it out. The album sounds amazing from the preview, which satisfies my concern that Anticipation was so great that how is it possible that READY could live up to it? I needa get my hands on "Black Roses" and "Jupiter Love" ASAP. Remember to go out and support READY, hitting stores a day early now on August 31st. Enjoy!

Finally, we gotta send out some thank yous to Trey Songz of course for all the love in the interview and to all of his hard-working team behind the scenes: Nicole, LeRoy, Bobby Fisher. Also, shouts to DeMarco Castle (a.k.a. GemStones), Boogz, and a host of others we ran into at the listening party. Down below is a very introspective behind the scenes look at the "Successful" music video snagged from TreySongz.com and be sure to hit the jump for our first video interview with Trey Songz back in May. Yuuup!

Trey Songz "Successful" f/ Drake



Sgt. Tibs, Trey Songz, & Max G.

Trey Songz Interview w/ Gowhere Hip Hop (05.21.09)


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~ Max G. & Sgt. Tibs



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Kyra Kyles said:


Niiice job on the interview, fellas! Wish I'd seen you earlier in the Hotel Sax lobby so we could chop it up about music. Glad you made it out to Shrine on behalf of ChicagoNow fam. I wanted to, but did not get a chance to attend. If you get a chance, come my way on the Kyles Files and weigh in on whether Lil Wayne is overexposed.

Sgt. Tibs said:


Thanks for the kind words Kyra! We'll definitely have 2 talk music more in depth next time.. headin' over 2 the Weezy post now..

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