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GWHH back with another EXCLUSIVE interview with regularly featured upcoming Chicago artists: Bullet & Slot-A. We've been posting their music for quite some time now (Bullet's been on GWHH since the beginning!) and they have grown and collaborated together before our very eyes. Now you can take a look into the minds of the rapper and producer as the duo talks on working together in the studio, performing, "Mr. Robotic", and what's to come next. The fellas are always online so we corresponded this interview via e-mail, which further illustrates each personality. Slot-A has some rather funny responses, in fact. DL the single "Mr. Robotic" below if you don't have it already and read the interview below. Enjoy!

GWHH: For those unfamiliar with Bullet and Slot-A, describe the unique style and sound that defines you as artists and how it stands you apart from other artists on the rise in Chicago and across the world.

BULLET: Well what I like to call it is making big records without a big budget lol!! Like majority of the material we come with you would think we were signed already. I honed my skill on the rapping/songwriting end. I practice melodies, different flow patterns and things that will just make me better as an artist. I take this very serious. I think that in itself separates me from a lot of people today.

SLOT-A: Our sound started out as an experiment, now its just what we do. To describe it all the way through, it sounds big, uptempo and has a strong feel-good factor. Its basically everything that's necessary for any woman to dance in the mirror like her man was in the room and she just got back from stripper class at crunch. lol word.

GWHH: To Bullet: What are some of your favorite artists and influences on your work? Slot-A, similarly, what producers do you draw inspiration from?

BULLET: Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Lupe Fiasco, and Kanye West.

SLOT-A: This is real random, but if anyone has listened to the "Price Is Right Theme Song" like the joint they played with the old host. That song is so inspiring, its my ringtone. lol My personal influences are Newcleus, Justice, Danger, Dj Assault, Kavinski, Dj Battle Cat, Whoever produced "Low Rider For War", like more known produced would be Dr Dre (he's like a prerequisite), Puffy, Timbaland, Quincy Jones (more of his up-tempo stuff with Michael Jackson), Just Blaze and a lot of West Coast and Electronic music.

GWHH: As frequent collaborators, you guys have developed a chemistry that is clearly illustrated in the music. How did you two come together in the first place and can you each describe that chemistry and working process with each other?

BULLET: We met at his apartment through our guy Jermel. I was initially working with Jermel then slot heard me over there and invited me over to his side then one time I had a wack beat and he was like did someone really give you this? then he made me a beat in like 10 minutes I rapped on it and it was a wrap from there. then we had 2 records I aint gotta front that did well then "Shut It Down" which was a record that started getting me noticed.

SLOT-A: From what i had heard was he was basically chewing peoples heads off in battles, and I was a fan of voice, so I told Jermel to arrange a sit down with dude and its been history from there.

GWHH: You guys have also performed around the Midwest together so can you talk a little bit about how the chemistry being on stage compares to in the studio?

BULLET: Well when we do perform together its fun. Its feeding off each other so when we do perform together its hyped. I do both now though performing by myself and with him so the show is pretty dope.

SLOT-A: The thing you can't get in the studio is crowd reaction, (I know, crazy right?) but that energy/love is like nothing else in the world. In the studio its a lot more work involved where as the stage is all play. like bro, we've done crazy stuff on stage, the robot, jumping into the crowd, dancing with chicks while their dude is standing by, like its a different world.

GWHH: For both: Who are some of the other MCs and producers you have collaborated outside of each other? Could you go in depth about one or a group of artists that you particularly enjoyed working with?

BULLET: I've Collaborated with Chuck Inglish of the Cool Kids and I have Collaborated with Cory Bold producer of Keri Hilson "Alienated" and Letoya Luckett "Ain't Got S*** On Me". I actually like having records with both of the guys. They're both very humble to have done a lot already. Chuck was in Nebraska with a friend of mine and they were in my friend car and the song he produced for me came on and he was really feeling it and he was like wait a minute this is my beat LOL!! One of the first beats he made like that lol and he really liked the record. So that's a story I will always remember.

SLOT-A: Spree Isreal, Mic Terror, Amanda Diva, Buff-1, Love Jones AKA Mike Schpitz, Chris Capalano, Fokus "The Hip Hop Democrat," Gerald Walker, but my favorite so far - outside of Bullet - has been Add-2. I've been his engineer/producer for a while now and to work with him for the past couple years has been a true blessing and learning process in itself. Like when I lived out south, my apartment didnt have any a/c in it, so the room was just ignorant hot. I had 2 fans but we could turn them shits on between takes and breaks. Like dead ass, it was a great time man. lol Minus the heat, but it showed me how much loving something as deep as music, can make you deal with extreme circumstance. For those who dont know, Chicago summers with no A/C = The perfect weather for a heat stroke *Pause*.

GWHH: The recently released single, "Mr. Robotic", is already gaining steam as your most popular track yet. How did the record and concept come about and what plans do you two foresee for "Mr. Robotic"?

BULLET: Initially I had the snippet of the beat. And I wasn't going to ask for it cause I thought my project would be done then I was like hmm yo Slot let me see if I can get B.o.B. on it. So I had a connect that way but they said he was charging a couple thousand. I'm like nevermind lol! So I had Slot play with the beat a little bit add changeups and stuff and just make certain parts sound like a different song. He sent the beat over at 3 in the morning. I was sitting in my bed thinking of a hook. The melody came in my head I had a computer mic and I started saying the hook on my laptop. then I wrote the verses. we went to the studio that week. Did the record and my engineer Supersteve did his thing. then we have what you call a HIT RECORD. It will be hitting all major djs and even more website along with radio. this is the record that will get my deal lol!

SLOT-A: Man the beat was orignally going to be an Akon Remix, didn't care for the akon song so, i re-arranged the music and it came out ignorant as hell. Bullet wanted more change-ups, cause before it was real loopish. So I kind of O.D.'d on the arrangement, making sure there was a change or something going on every 2 bars of the song. lol making sections and super steve (our engineer) went crazy on the mix and adding the vocoder. I wanted to use that last section for another beat, but it felt right so we kept it. The plan is to make sure that "Mr. Robotic" exceeds its potential, Bullet is a great mind as far as getting things in action go. Believe me, This song will be the song of the year.

GWHH: What are the plans for Bullet and Slot-A for the remainder of 2009?

BULLET: Well im getting shopped around to labels so other than that i been doing collabs for people. got some meetings in L.A Atlanta and headed to New York soon. I might throw out a mixtape of the material thats not on this project. But I should have my deal by this summer woot woot!!

SLOT-A: Tons of Remixes, Love Jones Lp w. production from the Gif and I, more albums and songs with Bullet, working on music with Add-2, Just a bunch of different things. Gotta get out there and keep it moving. I want hit records from here on out. Mr. Robotic EP coming soon.

GWHH: Finally, drop the readers a MySpace, Twitter, etc. where the fans can follow you more closely.

BULLET: My Myspace is www.myspace.com/gobullet website is www.gobullet.com my twitter is www.twitter.com/gobullet and you can email me at musicandrobots@gmail.com

SLOT-A: myspace.com/banghotproduction, twitter.com/iamslota, hit me on Facebook too. Blackberries are amazing. lol.


Bullet "Mr. Robotic"

Producer: Slot-A - FULL, CDQ *Tibs Fav.™

~ Sgt. Tibs



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