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Gowhere Hip Hop EXCLUSIVE Interview: Trey Songz

GWHH back again with another exclusive interview as Sgt. Tibs sits down with Grammy-nominated R&B singer, Trey Songz! We discuss details on Trey Songz' upcoming album, READY (in stores August 4th), the concept and inspiration behind the album's current single, "I Need A Girl", more information on Songz' new group with the likes of Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, and Johnta Austin: Ocean's 7, and Trey Songz' favorite part about Chicago. Definitely a MUST-WATCH for any fan of music to get to know one of the most talented artists doin' his thing today. Trey Songz doubles as one of my top 5 artists ever and it was a great thrill for Max G. and I to meet and talk to him so candidly. We would like to thank Trey Songz once again for all his cooperation along with Bobby Fisher and a special thanks to Nicole Pierce for setting it all up!

As an added treat for Trey Songz and new fans alike, make sure to hit the jump for the Top 5 *Tibs Favs.™ for Trey Songz RMXs. Songz seemingly jumps on every hot instrumental, showcasing his versatility and his talented rapping skills. If you don't have those tracks and the current single, "I Need A Girl", simply scroll below for the FREE downloads. Enjoy!

Reppin' Limited G, from left 2 right: Max G, Trey Songz, Sgt. Tibs

Top 5 *Tibs Favs.™: Trey Songz RMXs

5. Trey Songz "Itz Songz Snitches"

Yes Swizz, you shoulda put Trey on this one. Songz flips the iconic Swizzy lines into some of his own that u can't help but sing along to: "Chillin' in the Rover, listenin' to Hova..."

4. Trey Songz "First Date Sex"

Jeremih's "Birthday Sex" gets the RMX treatment for another clever interpretation from Songz. Highlights include Trey crooning "Beat It" like MJ and allusions 2 recent hits from Jamie Foxx & The-Dream.

3. Trey Songz "Swagga Like Songz"

Interesting how the top 3 are Kanye West productions, (hmm...) The first line is delivered with an unmatched amount of swag in the history of swag: "Who you think could do it like I does it, let's discuss it, G's respect him worldwide and the women wanna f*** him?"

2. Trey Songz "Bad News RMX"

This is a perfect illustration of Trey Songz' growth as an artist, more specifically as a rapper. Songz seemingly fails to take a breath in the last 2 minutes with break-neck raps and a ridiculous flow to match. He blows away some of his already solid efforts back when he started the mixtape tracks back in '07 with an interpretation of Pharrell's album, In My Mind. Throw on some chilling background vocals to Kanye's original for the first couple minutes and I can't even touch the original anymore.

1. Trey Songz "Comfortable RMX"

Songz' interpretation of Lil' Wayne's "Comfortable" narrowly edges "Bad News" for the cake. The production is a perfect compliment to his voice as Trey Songz creatively sings some rhymes and croons different choruses throughout to tell a very relatable story... and u get a clever 'Family Guy' reference 2 boot.


Trey Songz "I Need A Girl"

Producer: StarGate - FULL, CDQ, 2nd Single off upcoming album, READY *Tibs Fav.™

~ Max G. & Sgt. Tibs



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