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Mike Posner's first interview with Gowhere Hip Hop

Here is our first interview with Mike Posner that we saved from the archives for ya below! It's a fun read, looking back on it, as Mike, Maks, and I traded e-mails right around when A Matter Of Time was just released. Enjoy! (Tibs 10.08.10)
GWHH: First off, introduce our readers to Mike Posner and what separates you from other singers/producers in the game?
MP: Well, I'm a singer/producer/songwriter from Southfield, MI and I'm a junior at Duke University. I'm your favorite rapper's favorite singer.
GWHH: Could you describe more about your live band, The Brain Trust? What is the story behind the group's formation?
MP: About a year ago I was looking for live musicians to spruce up the beats I was producing for other artists. I brought I a guitarist and songs just kind of started to flow out of me. I named the group the Brain Trust after FDR's cabinet. Our group works in the same way as a president and his cabinet. I do everything and then when I need some help, I go get it. I named it before the economy went to hell too. It seems kind of cliche now.
GWHH: Together, Mike Posner & The Brain Trust has released the mixtape, A Matter Of Time, on March 1st. What did you guys intend to show your fans and new listeners alike with the content and ideas on the mixtape?
MP: I wanted everybody to see the different sides of me and still leave the space for me to grow in the future. I just turned 21 so the world will be able to watch me grow as an artist and a person. The mixtape is Chapter One.
GWHH: Up next for Mike Posner & The Brain Trust is the debut album, The New Deal. Not much information has circulated beyond the title so can you enlighten us on what we can expect from the album? Anything from guest features, single info, a release date?
MP: I'm probably going to drop another mixtape before the album. I can't really divulge any more details on that or the album other than they will be super dope, ha.
GWHH: There's no question to listeners that on their very first listen, Mike Posner is a fresh singer that does not really sound like anyone else out there. However, are there any singers, current or past, that influence the style we see illustrated in all your records?
MP: It's hard to say, I think everyone you listen to influences you a little bit but I think I'm influenced most by the people around me making music: Big Sean, WrighTrax, and Eric Holljes. That being said, I listen to a lot of Dilla, Nas, Jeezy (yes Jeezy), Lupe, Feist, Corinne Bailey Rae... a lot of random stuff.
GWHH: Not only do you possess a unique singing style, but also a unique production style. How would you describe your approach and end product of your production and similar to the previous question, are there any producers that are a strong influence on you?
MP: 95 percent of the time I come up with a hook in my head and then build the track around that. For example, on my song Drug Dealer Girl, I was in my mom's bathroom at home and I saw something that said "Maybelline" on it and I came up with, "You may never be on the Maybelline commercial/ but you always let me know when you got some purple." I went downstairs and wrote the song on the piano. Brian Wright came over and we made the beat in a couple hours.
GWHH: Many of our GWHH readers know you through your feature on Big Sean's "Who Knows?", which I really pushed to our audience upon its late January release. I personally feel both of your unique styles contrast and mesh very well together in all of your collaborations; could you further describe the chemistry you have with Big Sean and what the process is like working with him?
MP: I appreciate that! Well, Sean is one of my best friends. As I do this interview I'm headed back to Duke from SXSW in Austin. Last night Sean and I kicked it at the GOOD Music showcase. I don't know if you caught that but Chicago held it down! Shout outs to Mano, Hollywood Holt, and GLC!

When I work with Sean the process is usually as follows: I produce the track and record the hook and play it for him and he goes off. On Who Knows? I was in the library at Duke where I was supposed to be studying when I found the sample for the track. I was with my girlfriend at the time and I told her I was going to kill that sample. I wonder if she believed me. The next day I knocked it out in like an hour and was only about thirty seconds late for class, ha.
GWHH: Finally, leave the readers with a website, MySpace, or anywhere else they can follow you more closely.
MP: Definitely! Check out www.mikeposner.com As well as Facebook and Twitter @mikeposner. I run all of them personally so hit me up. It might take me a minute to get back but I try to answer everyone that gets at me! Have a blessed day.
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~ Sgt. Tibs



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