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About George

I've been around the block and that's an issue since it's the same block! 

Actually, I've been taking up space for 37 years talking sports, mostly on radio, some on TV and some on line. I'm currently working for a great radio station, WBBM Newsradio 780 where I deliver sports updates and cover some of the games in town. I also worked for another great radio station, WGN where I had the pleasure of hosting some of the Cubs 10th inning post game shows. I also had the professional thrill of covering the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup clincher in Philadelphia. Prior to my stint at WGN, I spent over 17 years at WSCR "The Score" where I was an anchor, reporter and host orignal host of "Hit and Run." It was a fabulous experience especially being one of the original members.

I also spent 20 years as a freelance journalist including a rewarding expereince with NPR. I've covered thousands of sporting events including the Sox run to the World Series and the Cubs almost run to the World Series.

There have been many Hawks, Bulls and Bears games in the picture and some golf, tennis and even.... curling!  And to top it off, I appear on Chicago Tribune Live with David Kaplan.

Hope you enjoy what you read and please send your comments. 

And now, this.

You can find me on facebook and follow me on twitter @georgeofman

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