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Ozzie as good as gone?

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

Ozzie Guillen's not going to retire as he's threatened to do in the past. Only it's possible he'll be managing the Florida Marlins next season!

Matter of fact, as I reported on Newsradio 780 WBBM, intermediaries for Guillen and the Marlins have been talking since early August about a move to South Florida only it wouldn't be much of a move for Guillen since he owns a home in Miami.

Guillen's people approached the Marlins and they were more than receptive considering the franchise will open its' new glossy stadium in 2012. Who better to be the face of the franchise than Guillen who could sell tickets in any language though Spanish works perfectly in this region.

Tampering rules prohibit either side from direct contact but this is not exactly a wink-wink, nod-nod. Both organizations are well aware of what's going on.

Guillen is the Marlins number one choice and there may not be a close second. We're not sure who Guillen's intermediaries are but if Oney Guillen's involved, Twitter can't be far behind.

Remember, Guillen was the third base coach for the Marlins when they won the World Series in 2003. He was hired by the Sox the next year and was not Williams's first choice. Cito Gaston was.

Come to think of it, Guillen wasn't in the picture until Jerry Reinsdorf suggested he give the former Sox shortstop a chance to sell himself. But the relationship between Williams and Guiilen has all but deteriorated with one source describing as irreparable.

Guillen said it's up the White Sox where he'll be next season. Translation; contract extension. He has a year left on his deal but Williams would love nothing more than to let him move as far away from the Sox dugout as possible.

Nothing is set in stone. Reinsdorf could play peace maker and both Guillen and Williams co-exist for another year. Another scenario could find Guillen staying and Williams taking a hike with Rick Hahn becoming the new GM. Williams is tired of the drama. And Guillen remains the face of this franchise.

Anything's possible. But if the Marlins are serious about Guillen (and serious could mean 16 million dollars over 4 years), they could get him front row seats to watch Lebron, Wade and Bosh go 82 and 0. And those three could get first row seats to watch Ozzie manage the Marlins next season.

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