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Zambrano to Sox.... Are you crazy?

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer


We know Carlos is and to an extent, so is Ozzie Guillen. But Kenny Williams isn't. Bold and calculating, yes but crazy....No!

And this is why Big Z will not wind up on the south side....and shouldn't.

Oh, did I mention Jerry Reinsdorf? Think he'd sign off on the loony from the north side?


It's evident the Sox could use another proven starting pitcher after Jake Peavy became detached from the rotation after a rather important muscle in his back detached from the bone. And Williams is the type of guy who would move heaven, earth and some prospects to get talent such as Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, Ted lilly or other proven winners. He did make a valiant attempt to acquire Roy Halliday and of course, managed to stun the Cubs by getting Peavy. But pursuing the Zany Zambranbo can't be on his to-do list unless he's decided to replace bench coach Joey Cora with Ozzie's rambunctious son, Oney . No way. Ozzie, like most managers, are psychologists without degrees. They have to handle egos, (some quite fragile), and personalities (some who are afflicted with obvious disorders), in order to maximize the best talent. It doesn't always work. Some players are simply unmanageable. (How about Zambrano and Milton Bradley for openers?) And while Williams wasn't in charge then, think he would have gambled on Albert Belle? Reinsdorf did and I believe he's learned his lesson.

So you're thinking because Ozzie has a relationship with Zambrano, he's the guy who could straighten him out. And LeBron just changed his mind and picked the Clippers instead of the Heat!

Forget about Zambrano as a DH, too. Yea I know he can hit but would you, the Sox fan, actually buy the premise he could make the transition from fading pitcher with myriad issues to big time hitter?

Now you're crazy!

And you're even crazier to think the Sox will make a run at Zambrano. If they do, hide the Gatorade machines.

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