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No issues with LeBron

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

I've got no problem with this, how about you? Bet you're ticked off LeBron didn't pick the Bulls, or even the Cavs. I'm not. Matter of fact, all the power to him. This is precisely what free agency is all about, even if it's attached to a dog and pony show followed by a somewhat schmaltzy made for TV event. But it was one Hell of a TV event. Kudos to ESPN which milked the publicity machine for every drop and likely had a massive audience. You watched, I watched....everyone watched, except my wife. She was asleep. Her loss.

Was it somewhat boring? Yes. Was it trite? Yes again. Was it captivating? Yes, Yes and Yes. The only thing missing was the question no one wanted to ask. When did LeBron really make the decision? If you believed it was this morning, I've got a cap for that oil well that really does fit! I think Lebron knew where he was going before he received 5 other teams that thought they had a chance. Bulls GM Gar Forman stated, "I remain convinced this organization made the strongest of bids to acquire LeBron James during this free agency period." Maybe the Bulls did, maybe they didn't. Bottom line is they were hoodwinked by LeBron and especially the homeboy, Dwyane Wade. He knew where he was going all along and it was no where. And Chris Bosh knew where he was going. And so did LeBron. They may have known this for days, months or even years!

But in the end, it doesn't matter. LeBron exercised his right to pick and choose where he was moving his mint and it's down to South Florida. I've got no problem with this, how about you?

Now, can the Bulls find a way to win an NBA title in the next 5 years? This, I have a problem with.

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