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Too many LeBron James Rumors

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

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Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane...No, it's another Lebron James story. Please, gag me with a crowbar!  Whether it's the blustery Stepen A. Smith who claims his sources are impeccable and that LeBron and Chris Bosh are going to join forces with Dwyane Wade in Miami, or the New York Times which sited an NBA executive as saying it's a done deal; LeBron and Bosh are coming to the Bulls, or countless others stating they know where the King will be crowned, the steady stream of rumors is going to force me to solicit emotional advice from Carlos Zambrano!

Who are these people and how come they know so much, or so little?

Is this intriguing story? Yes. Is it alluring? Absolutely. Is it Annoying? You bet. You can't go a minute without the latest titillating tweet or fearless Facefook prediction chronicling the latest adventures of the franchise savior.  Remember when he was spotted somewhere in the northern suburbs checking out new digs? The word is it happened to be Julius Peppers, not LeBron. Honest mistake. I mean we're talking two hulking, African American Athletes in a tax bracket most of us wish we were in. Peppers is already getting paid handsomely by the Bears. But will LeBron have his pay checks printed by the Bulls?

It all depends on the rumor of the day.

Just saw a tweet claiming LeBron was sited at a Unimart in Bolingbrook. I kind of like that one.

Then there was the recent Chicago visit of Lebron to a local fitness guru. Did anyone really see him?  Maybe it was Peppers wearing a LeBron mask.

Seriously, no one knows where LeBron will take his act to next.

The King is about to receive interested teams in his home town of Akron, Ohio the way the Pope receives visitors to the Vatican. I wonder if you get special dispensation if you bring a pair "Air Jordans".

LeBron and his posse (and he has an unusual posse to say the least) will court would be employers including the Bulls. Fortunately, Jerry Krause will be unable to attend unless you can come up with a good rumor linking LeBron and Krause breaking bread and slobbering over crumbs at Cincinnati Reds' game. 

Yeah, it would be great to see LeBron in a Bulls uniform. He's already changing his number from 23 to 6 in deference to Jordan. But he could be wearing that uniform in New York, New Jersey, Miami, L.A. (that's the Clippers, not the Kobes) or Cleveland.  It all depends on the next rumor.

Wait....LeBron's limo just parked at Superdawg. Gotta go.

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sportsguy said:

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I'm getting little tired of the LeBron rumors already!

George Ofman said:


You'll be getting more, that's for sure.

radiochck said:

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I think that we should all just wait and see what happens. I wish he would go somewhere else...we don't need the attitude here.

George Ofman said:


Why would you say that? He is the most talented player in the game and I believe he would win several titles with the Bulls.

Truginator said:

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I would rather see Wade and either Bosh or Boozer sign here before James decides. Then let James who it seems has been leading this whole free agency hysteria have to choose between 3 other teams with empty rosters. Go Bulls!

George Ofman said:


My feeling at this stage is just get it over with.

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