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The joy of a Blackhawks Stanley Cup

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer


What a place to be.....on the Blackhawks bench as they celebrated their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. The feeling was surreal. The view is now ingrained with the memories of having been on the field in Houston when the White Sox won the World Series and in Atlanta when the Cubs won their first playoff series in eons.  Plumb road assignments, all of them. But nothing can compare with being just several feet away from watching a team hoist this silver urn emblazoned with names of the past; those who also earned the right to loft this coveted trophy around a 200 by 85 foot sheet of ice. 

The Blackhawks did it. And I happened to be a passenger on this glorious ride. Reporting for WGN radio, the flagship of the Hawks, I was afforded a front row seat for Hockey's most prestigious and incomparable shows as soon as it began. The front row being the bench where the Hawks had just leaped from after Patrick Kane scored a goal only he knew went in.  The hand shakes between the champs and the runner-ups, the game and relentless Flyers, was so close I almost felt as if I was next in line to tell Chris Pronger, "You're one hell of a player but the other guys copped the cup."

And then there was the mob scene on the ice. Just seeing the look on Marian Hossa's face was priceless. Some players looked dazed, as if something unexplainable had just occurred. Delirious was the moment and the Hawks earned the right to be in it.

And I had the best seat in the house for it. 


 You can catch me on twitter @georgeofman and on Facebook. I also report Sports for WGN radio as an Anchor and host of some of the Cubs 10th inning post game shows.



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