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Lebron plus Calipari don't equal Bulls

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

Can we be honest here? Good.

There is no way LeBron James will join the Bulls if he's part of a package deal including John Calipari. Forget about it.  Not a chance. Stop Dreaming!

Do you really believe Jerry Reinsdorf will cede power to anyone with the possible exception of Phil Jackson and Doug Collins, neither of whom will wind up back on West Madison Street?  Think about it for a minute. Matter of fact, take two minutes. Reinsdorf hasn't ceded power to any coach. He never has and likely never will.  And John Calipari?  First and foremost, Calipari will command an enormous contract which equals power. He also likely has a significant buyout clause at Kentucky. The knicks can pay it; so can the Nets. And I'm sure Reisndorf could, but he won't. LeBron is another matter. I'm certain the Bulls would love to have him but if he's attached to Calipari, this dog and pony show will never make it to O'Hare, let alone the chairman's office.

The Bulls don't do business this way. Yes, I do remember how Jerry Krause tried to serenade Tracy McGrady with the lovabulls and Benny the Bull greeting him at O'Hare. It was a farce and it failed miserably. History should be a teacher. 

There will be no greeting parties for LeBron especially if Calipari is part of his posse.

Oh; one last thing. I really don't think Calipari will leave Kentucky. Maybe Lebron has another coach in mind.

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