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The wackiest weekend

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer


Too bad Lebron had to spoil it. If only the Bulls could have found a way to highjack the King, they might have completed a weekend of unparalleled success.  The Cubs swept the Brewers; The Sox swept the Mariners and the Blackhawks swept their fans away with a miraculous victory.

7 out of 8 ain't bad.  

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Hard to imagine our legion of sports loyalists basking in such rare air. The Cubs pounded their neighbors north on 94 with the kind of offense you might mistake for the Phillies, or the Sox!  They clubbed 6 homers during their three game fling, four of them Sunday as part of an  18 hit barrage. Even Carlos Zambrano's maiden voyage as bullpen savior couldn't diminish the Cubs sudden love affair with lumber. When Ryan Theriot gets 5 hits on one game, you kind of take notice.

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But the Cubs couldn't outdo the dramatics on the south side where late inning heroics became part of normal custom. A walk off homer Friday was followed by another Saturday and an 8th inning winner Sunday when the "other King" flexed his muscles. Paul Konerko may be on the edge of baseball senior citizenry, but it hasn't sapped him of his power. He now has a major league leading 8 long balls and the Sox, 26 of them which also is tops in the game. And I thought Ozzie ball was manufacturing runs one base at a time. Doesn't matter; it made for a thrilling three days at the Cell.



Now, can someone tell me how the Blackhawks pulled a frozen rabbit out of their helmets? I was there and still can't fathom how game 5 of this taffy pull with the Predators wound up as a victory when it should have wound up a loss...after the game should have been over in the second period. The Hawks managed to satisfy their hungry customers with a most delicious finish; a rally soufflĂ© the likes of which you couldn't find in the best eatery. And what a distasteful irony it was for Nashville which saw the villainous Marian Hossa pot the winner after planting one of the Preds to the ice with a push worthy of a suspension.  He didn't get one and now the Hawks have a chance to advance....maybe.

7 wins in 8 games and all of them in less than 72 hours. And the Bears even managed to draft a talented end from Evanston. 

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