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The real Big Z will show up

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer


He was awful. You don't need me to say it if you saw it. If this was the new Carlos Zambrano then bring back the old one. Not last year's but the one from 2004 through 2008. The one that managed to win 78 games. At least Zambrano didn't have a melt down on the mound in Atlanta though he might want to clean and burn the box score. Big Z gave up a big 8 runs in just 1 1/3 innings. This equates to an ERA the size of the speed limit on the Eisenhower, when there's no construction.  Of course, it pales in comparison to Jeff Samardzija's. He checks in at 108 which would be a great one game stat if that's how many yards he collected in pass receptions.  But I digress.

Please don't tell me Zambrano is an ace. He's not and he probably never will be. Maybe he shouldn't have been handed the ball on opening day again. Yes, he's making 18 million. Yes, he has a history of boling faster than water on a hot stove. But I still have faith. I think the new Big Z will appear and when all is said and done, will do what I predicted in my last column entitled the 10 most improved Cubs and Sox players in 2010. I wrote that Zambrano will go 17 and 9 with a 3.7 ERA.  Go ahead, suggest a therapist. (Not for Z but for me!) I like couches but only when I'm alone. The opener was an abberation. Zambrano was nickeled and dimed before he was dollared by a rookie. He wasn't the only Cub who failed.

His next start is Sunday at Cincinnati. The new Big Z will be there. The old one better not, for his sake and the Cubs'.

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Moby Homemaker said:


"Big Z" wants to be "The Man" with every ounce of his being. Much like George Costanza, that's not a good position for him to be in.
Zambrano's true potential will NEVER be relaized with the Cubs, in my opinion. Until he is shipped off to a team where he is a #2 or #3 starter (and treated as such), he will always disappoint. He is a $million arm with a $100 head.

Love your stuff, George!!!

George Ofman said:


You might be right but sending him and his huge contract elswhere might be a task especially since he has a no trade.

Fandemonium said:

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Zambrano looked like he didn't care out there. I like your optimism George, but I'd be shocked if he gets 17 wins this season. I'd be surprised if the Cubs win 75. Their offense is dreadful, as is their pitching staff (both the starters and bullpen). I personally witnessed a big Cubs fan convert to a White Sox fan during the opener and I'd recommend other northsiders to jump on the Sox bandwagon. The Sox have a swagger already, and I have big expectations for them.

George Ofman said:


Spoken like a true Sox fan. 75 wins? Really?

Samdemonium said:


75 wins? That must be a typo, i think it's obvious you meant to say 57.

George Ofman said:


75? 57? These are the Cubs, not the Pirtaes. My guess is this is yet another Sox fan.

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