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Don't worry about Peavy, either

George Ofman

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Just like Carlos Zambrano, whom I wrote will rebound to go 17 and 9 this season; I'm not worried about Jake Peavy, either. His first effort wasn't nearly as bad as Zambrano's, but it wasn't pretty. Funny thing is Sox fans aren't going ballistic after Peavy self destructed against the Indians Wednesday night.  They didn't shout "Same old Peavy". They aren't gnawing on fingernails because Peavy didn't look very sharp. That's because the same old Peavy would be most welcomed. He does have a Cy Young award in his trophy case. Zambrano does not.

Peavy, like Zambrano, was staked to a 3-nothing. Unlike Big Z, it took him 5 innings to cough it up, not 5 minutes. Peavy left having thrown a whopping 106 pitches.  But Peavy's resume includes the word ACE. Zambrano's does not. I don't think there are allot of nervous nellies on the south side wondering how Peavy will fare in his next start. You can be sure Cubs Nation will be analyzing every pitch Zambrano throws at Cincinnati Sunday.  Some of them might be sitting next to their analysts!

Peavy and Zambrano are alike in many ways when you consider both are 28 with birthdays one day apart. Peavy was born on May 31st, Zambrano on June 1st.  Peavy's lifetime record is 95 and 68 with a 3.27 ERA. Zambrano is 105 and 69 with an ERA of 3.55.  Both are earning lots of money, more than enough to support their three kids.  Peavy has 3 boys; Zambrano, 3 girls. And while both are determined pitchers, it's their demeanor and actions that sets them apart.  No need to go further.

Peavy should win at least 16 games but he'll need better support than a measly 2 hits. That won't get it done.  I'm not worried Peavy will have meltdown on the mound.  Zambrano is always a worry.

But in the end, both will lead their team in victories.  Book it.

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