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Father knows best

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

Rex Grossman's pappy is ripping the Bears. I though you had to have a number and stand in line. Not Dan Grossman. He moves to the front of this conga line.

Everyone is dancing on Jay cutler's throat but the good Dan Grossman isn't. (I don't know if there is a bad Dan Grossman so I'm not going there).

Mr. Grossman (I'll call him Dan the rest of way) is accusing the Bears of screwing up good quarterbacks. His quote to the Tribune's Fred Mitchell was "Anybody who wants to dispute that...they can all be labeled as idiots."

Dan, there are a lot of idiots out there and some of them are in the bash Jay Cutler line.

It's not that Cutler doesn't deserve to take some heat but Dan's point is the Bears philosophy for years is run the ball first. And we all know there is a big bus outside Halas Hall and it's always running. 

And that ties into his other point. The Bears don't know how to handle quarterbacks, good ones and not so good ones. Dan rails the Bears have put most of their loot into its 'defense. He's right. Jerry Angelo has always been questioned about his ability to build an offense and Lovie Smith has always been questioned about handling one. Now of course, Lovie is being questioned about his ability to handle a defense, too.

When the Bears traded for Cutler just about everyone, including all the idiots, clamored for more help at wide receiver. Did the Bears respond?  NO! Instead, they equipped Cutler with wideouts on training wheels. No matter what anyone says, including all the idiots, Devin Hester isn't a number one receiver, not on any NFL team. The fact he is with the Bears is a big problem.  And the last I looked Johnny Knox is a rookie and Earl Bennett belongs in the same classification since he barely played last season. This would leave tight end Greg Olsen as the true number one receiver and if your tight end is used that way, you have big problems. Swing passes and screen plays to Matt Forte are all well and good but a quarterback with Cutler's abilities needs a better game plan and a better cast.

Dan's son, the good Rex, had some mighty big games with the Bears. But the bad Rex had some mighty bad ones, as well.  Was it his fault or the team's?  It's probably a combination of both.  And the same can be said of Cutler. 

Maybe the Bears need a new offensive coordinator. But will that solve the issue at quarterback?  And will that solve the issue of the offensive line?  And will solve Forte's issues?

I genuinely believe Cutler is better than what you've seen. He may never ascend to great but his issues are also the Bears.

Maybe you believe Dan Grossman is simply supporting his son who was booed out of job and then, out of town.

Or maybe you believe Dan Grossman is right and the Bears simply don't know how to handle a so called Franchise quarterback.

I do.



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