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Big brother is watching

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

 The ghost of George Orwell is alive. 1984 is really today, tomorrow and etc...

Big brother is watching only he's using every tool of technology to see us.

This brings me to a recent post by a gentleman named Ernest Wilkins who commented on a picture someone took at a Blackhawks Halloween party. Wouldn't you know it, there was Patrick Kane and Adam Burish dressed as Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen. Both were in blackface. Wilkins said of Kane, "It's not a good look; you've got a lot of kids looking up to you."


The race card has been misplaced here.

This is really about privacy or the lack thereof in our new society, the technologically advanced society, the one George Orwell never dreamed of when his book was published 60 years ago. 

Thumbnail image for ERIN ANDREWS.jpg

 Big brother is watching.... with a camera phone and through a peep hole.
Just ask Michael Phelps and Erin Andrews.

Big brother watched them and both paid an unnecessary price.

Andrews is the extremely attractive sideline reporter for ESPN. Does she flaunt her great looks? Yes. Should someone sneak a peak through a peep hole then release the video so the world can see?  No. But someone did and everyone had an opinion.


Phelps happened to be at a party when he partook in smoking a bong. Was it wrong? No. The only mistake Phelps made was someone caught him. Big brother was watching. And the picture was released to the world and Phelps had to apologize.

For what?

Guess if you have any fame attached to your name, you can't do anything, anywhere. Better stay at home, draw the curtains and make sure the peep holes are covered.
The Tribune's cultural editor, Julia Keller, wrote of the blackface issue, "Were many people really, deep down, offended by the Blackhawks' blackface, Griese's silly slip, Gooden's alleged insult or Johnson's reported slur? Doubt it. But we still have to argue about it. These incidents give us a chance to talk about things that are sometimes hard to talk about: race, ethnicity, sexuality.

But she missed the other issue, the real issue, the one about privacy.

And if you happen to be a Blackhawks hockey player at a Halloween party, better make sure your costume doesn't offend anyone. Remember, Big brother is watching. And so is the rest of the world. And then everyone has a comment, like me only this is not about race.

It's about Big brother.

Better beware. Big brother could be your next door neighbor...or even a family member.




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Neal said:

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Maybe Im missing your point here but it seems like your saying we should just let famous people get away with anything they want because...they are famous... You say the only thing Phelps did wrong was get caught. Well I may agree with that but smoking weed is you know against the law so I guess technically he did so something wrong. So do celebs have a right to a private life? Yes, absolutely, but should we just give them a free pass whenever they do something stupid in a public place?(especially a place where someone has a camera) Im going with no on that one

George Ofman said:


Is a party at someone's house a public place? NO! Is being in a hotel room and having someone tape you from a peep hole a public place? NO again. Your point is taken so long as it's public. My point is, there are no more public or private places thanks to technology. How would you like someone coming to your home and taping you when you're having a drink and sending it out to the world to see? That's part of my point.
I sincerely appreciate your point of view. keep reading

Neal said:

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well I agree the Erin Andrews situation is a unbelievable invasion of privacy. But I do think the Phelps one is debatable, short of him being in his own house with no one around and someone had planted a camera there to get the picture that would be one thing but if your with people at someone's home and somebody gets that shot what do you expect? People, especially at that time that picture came out, couldn't get enough of Phelps and he had to of known that it wasn't a good time to be smoking a bong around people no matter what was in it.

On a side note I think you have a point about celebs not having much of a private life in today's world but isn't that part of being a celebrity? Deep down don't most people know that once you become a famous person what you do is going to be watched and scrutinized by millions of people? I'm not saying its right or wrong that it happens but I think you have to resign a bit of your private life if you want fame and fortune. Just my thoughts on it

GeorgesClam said:

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This is hilarious.

cricket999 said:

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The only mistake Phelps made was someone caught him.

The only thing wrong is getting caught??
wow , wow , wow

George Ofman said:


You're right. Can I come to you're house with a camera and put the pictures on the web? This is not about morals. It's about where our society is going.

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