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A new Bears fight song

George Ofman

I know my stuff. 36 years in broadcasting. Sox Cubs Bears Bulls Hawks. You ask, I'll answer

Say, weren't the Bears marching to the Superbowl behind the arm and moxie of Jay Cutler?

Well, it isn't happening yet.

It might never!

Ron Turner is flummoxed.


So it's time to add a twist to the Bears fight song so I want everyone to sing out loud this Sunday especially if the Bears offense sputters again.

Let me hear you.  And a one, and a two and a...

Wait! Wrong sport, wrong venue.

Ok, all of you in Soldier Field or in the bars or on your living room coach, start belting out this version of your favorite fight song.

Dumb down, Chicago Bears, the quarterback needs some help in the worst of ways.
Dumb down, Chicago Bears, the line can't fight or protect the franchise arm.
We'll never forget how QB's failed us often, winding up in coffins
Dumb down, Chicago Bears, and let them know why the coaches can't coach
You're the lousy team off Lake Shore Drive, Dumb down, Chicago Bears

Ok, so I'm not John lennon or Bernie Taupin.  Can you do better?
Let me know. Come up with your own lyrics. Let me hear them.



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FatGuy said:

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We're done, Chicago Bears!
Need a new boss, coach should be tossed, all hope is lost!

We're done, Chicago Bears!
Too many sacks, no running back, high ticket costs!

We'll never forget Matt Forte's red zone fumbling,
or the O-line's stumbling.

We're done, Chicago Bears!
You're the worst-managed franchise around!
Like the Cubs, we'll cheer: "Wait 'til next year!
Chicago Bears, We're Done!"

George Ofman said:


Love it. Thanks for being creative. See if others you know can top it. Love the ending.

Albert in Tucson said:


FatGuy blew yours away, George.

Albert in Tucson said:


Then again, George, your song is more representative of this season's Bears because they stink too.

Joe Schmitt said:


I've done you one better-- I rewrote the lyrics and got a group to perform it. We even made CBS2 and the Tribune:

Please tell me what you think!

George Ofman said:


great. and to think i wrote this nearly 2 months ago. good job.

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