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Problems with using coupons at Target

Save even more? Sounds like folks who bring their coupons to Target lately are saving even less.

I have heard about problems using coupons at Target for the last several months. You readers have reported it to me, and there's been shatter out there in the dealosphere.
Today, Chicago coupon queen Jill Cataldo has a very clear explanation of some new problems with the way coupons scan at Target, which are costing shoppers money. If you are planning to do the Schick Hydro or Glade gift card deals at Target this week, definitely read Jill's post before venturing out.

This TV news story shows that customers have been complaining to Target about similar problems at least since August.

Personally, all this talk has made me reluctant to try coupon deals at Target. The same products are often offered for free or as moneymakers at Walgreens or CVS around the same time they are offered at Target, and I don't have to get in my car and drive to those stores.

Have you experienced these Target coupon problems? Did you complain to customer service? I thought it was interesting in the TV story I linked to that customer service reps always said it was the first they'd heard of the problem.

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