Two More Jewel Catalina Transactions: Spent 75 Cents

Stopped at Jewel today after preschool pickup for more Catalina fun. Looked through my coupons and realized I had a lot of Grands coupons left from the Dominick's "Save $70" booklet (I grabbed a couple of booklets every time I visited the store and now have more than 10). Since the Grands are a moneymaker with coupon, I knew I couldn't let these go to waste.

I bought:

10 Grands $2.50 pre-card, $1.25 card price
2 loaves Brownberry bread (BOGO @ $3.99)
BEFORE coupons: $16.50 + tax
Used 5 $1/2 Grands Qs
AFTER coupons $11.50
paid with two $5 Catalina coupons and change, got two more $5 coupons back
MY COST: $2.50 OVERAGE FOR THE CATALINA STUFF (was absorbed by the bread)

While shopping the Grands (which were completely restocked at the Madison Street Jewel in Oak Park), I noticed a blinkie box with coupons for $1/2 any Pillsbury cookie dough. I also noticed that the Simply dough is tagged for this deal. 

So I grabbed some blinkies and did this:

5 Pillsbury Simply chocolate chip cookie dough @ $3.75 pre-card, $2.50 card price
1 Pillsbury regular sugar cookie dough (they only had 5 Simply) same price
1 box 14 oz. Cheerios $2.75 pre-card, $2 card price
BEFORE coupons $17
Used three $1/2 cookie dough coupons and $.75/1 Cheerios
I paid $13.25 + tax with Cats and a little cash, got two more $5 Catalinas back. 
MY COST $3.25, or 46 cents per item.

Another way of looking at this: I paid 75 cents plus tax for 10 tubes of rolls, one box cereal and six packages of cookie dough.

Wondering how on earth this works? Read up on my guide to Jewel-Osco Catalinas.



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