Two great Gregory Karp pieces in the Sunday Trib

How big of a saving-money nerd am I? I have become a major fan of Gregory Karp, who writes a column called Spending Smart for the Tribune.* Recently two of his books became available for free download on Kindle, I grabbed them, and halfway through The 1-2-3 Money Plan I can say it's an extremely helpful book that cuts down on the feeling of overwhelmed panic I get when confronted with all the personal finance loose ends I should have tied up but haven't.

Today, he's got two helpful pieces in the Sunday Trib:

Big price clips: Retailers expected to offer good discounts this holiday season -- and here's how to find them -- covers all the Web sites you'll wanna hit to get coupons before you shop, plus some lesser known tips like using smart phone price comparison apps and looking for coupons on the mall Web site before you go.

Get a clear picture of savings: Antenna users can save money and get terrific high-definition reception -- Funny I read this today because Epu was watching football all day on his computer with a USB tuner/antenna and the picture was amazingly great. On the downside, when I bumped the antenna from the one perfect spot, the picture completely disappeared. I wrote about ways to live without cable TV myself on Wise Bread once, and by the way that post was included in Wise Bread's book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget.

(Guess I'm a little jealous of Mr. Karp's publications and had to tout that I helped write a book too. Heh.)

* Even though this blog is sort of part of the Tribune media empire, they don't tell me to link to Tribune stories all the time. It's just that, well ... I'm intellectually incurious and scarcely have to to read anything else. There. Said it.



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