Stocked Up for Halloween at CVS

Does that look like enough candy for Halloween? Well, I'll probably get at least two more bags next time I come in, to use up a coupon that printed out at the end of my receipt today.


You can't see the Snickers, but this is 11 bags of "fun size" M&Ms and Snickers, each about 9-10 oz., at $1 a bag after combined store and manufacturer's coupons. They're priced $2 a bag through Tuesday, and I used a $1/2 store coupon and two $.50/1 peelie manufacturer's copuons on each pair of bags.

Is that actually a good deal, about 10 cents an ounce or slightly more? I sure hope so. Even the Frugalista sometimes does not have time to do extensive price research, so if I find out that I could have bought 60-oz. bags for $5 each I'll be annoyed. Oh well, I also got to burn ExtraBucks by buying them at CVS, so that's always a plus.'

Last year I got all my candy for free or close to it through Kmart Super Doubles. But still, $10-$15 for all of it ain't bad. 

How much did you spend -- or do you plan to spend -- on Halloween candy?



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Leah said:


I am planning on handing out the Betty Crocker fruit snacks that I stocked up on last week during the Catalina deal. I got the "Create a Bug" kind that I thought would be cool for Halloween. I bought 5 boxes (10 pouches each) for around $3 (that's a high estimate).

Carrie Kirby said:


Leah, while I was buying this candy it occurred to me that I should have done that during the Catalina deal too. Kicked myself a good one. Way to go for thinking of it!

englishchap said:

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I give freezer pops for Halloween treats. I found them on summer clearance at CVS this year for $1.25 for 100 popsicle sticks. It has been a yearly tradition and the one year I didn't have them it was noticed. I love the squeals of little children when they get something other than candy.

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