New 20% Off Amazon Diapers in Parenting Magazine -- More Great Diaper Deals



Amazon is really the spot to buy diapers these days. First, they are still offering three months of free 2-day shipping with Amazon Mom, which is free to sign up for. This will take you right through Christmas, which is great because not only is the 2-day free, but with Prime you can get overnight shipping for just $4 -- incredibly useful on say, Dec. 21.

Then, they've been having lots of good diaper sales. Take this box of 156 Huggies Snug & Dry Size 3 diapers. It's already marked down to $29.04, or 19 cents a diaper. But you don't pay that. Oh no.

By ordering via Subscribe & Save, you get 15% off. By belonging to Amazon Mom, you get another 15% off. Now you're down to $20.33, or 13 cents a poop. That's in my "buy" territory.

But it gets better.

Pick up the November issue of Parenting magazine, and find a card with a code for another 20% off. I've heard this comes off the original sale price before these other discounts, so that would be another $5.80 off, bringing your final price down to $14.53 -- just over 9 cents a diaper. Buy, buy, buy!



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93badger said:

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Does anyone have any of the coupon codes to give away?

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