Jewel-Osco one-day sale and my shopping trip today (free fries!)



Jewel-Osco is having a one-day grocery sale in the Chicago area today, and here are the prices:

Golden Gate wine $2.50 (Take it from me, an expert -- you're not likely to find a drinkable bottle of wine for less than that. And I've had GG -- it's drinkable.)

73% lean Jewel ground beef 3 lb. chub $5.07 ($1.69/lb.) meh -- who wants such fatty beef? limit 4

Jewel sugar 5 lb. $1.88, limit 1

Mayer Brother's Apple Cider 128 oz. $2.99, limit 2

Betty Crocker Helpers 89 cents (weren't these just like, free in the last Catalina deal? yawn.)

No rain checks, today, Tuesday, Oct. 26 only.

After the break: More Jewel-Osco updates from my trip there today.

Today I visited Jewel-Osco to try out Grocery IQ, a shopping list app I'm playing with on my Droid phone, and to try and get free food, of course.

Something I noticed: Little bottles of spray hand sanitizer are marked 3/99 cents in the Osco section!

What I bought:

9 boxes Ore-Ida Easy Fries @ $1 each

3 white onions @ 99 cents/lb.

1 dozen Phil's Fresh cage free eggs

I ended up paying just about $5, with the french fries all being free after using three $3/2 coupon s from the Dominick's "Save $70" booklet. You know what? For the first time I think I just might have saved the amount that the cover of the booklet promised I would save. Of course, that's from using about 10 of these booklets that I picked up over several weeks' visits to Dominick's.

I tried to get overage by buying 10 boxes fries and using five of the $3/2 coupons, but the register would have none of it. I also tried to buy a Palermo's pizza using a peelie manufacturer's coupon from the freezer door that said I could get $4 off if I bought two packs of Miller beer and one Palermo's pizza. I didn't have my print-out of the Jewel-Osco coupon policy with me (I don't always practice what I preach!), and the cashier and manager I spoke to about the policy saying that Illinois residents did not have to make alcohol purchases in order to use a coupon said they had never heard of such a thing. They were both super nice about it and, if I may say so, so was I. Next time I will bring in that policy because according to that, I could have gotten the $5 frozen pizza for just a buck.

I saw that my store has those tiny Fruit 2day bottles of chopped fruit, which are just a quarter after printable coupon, but I didn't get any because even though we now have a printer set up (couldn't print coupons last week because printer was broken), now our Internet is broken and I am borrowing a neighbor's wireless and can't print on our home network from the Internet that way. Also, our camera broke so I took a picture of the groceries I bought with my phone, but my phone mysteriously stopped saving photos.

Whoever put the bad juju on everything we own, could you please take it off? It would be nice to be able to take some kind of photos of the kids by Halloween this weekend.

Finally, I was happy to see that these "Easy Fries" are made for the microwave, because a week or so ago, our oven broke. Yeah. Oh, but here's a review: The fries made in the microwave are surprisingly crisp, but you should make sure to eat them while they're still hot. As soon as they cool to warm, the crispiness starts turning to hardness.



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