Jansport Backpacks Lifetime Guarantee Means You Really Never Have to Buy Another Backpack

When we were in college together THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, my husband Epu carried a JanSport backpack. Today, he received a brand-new JanSport backpack in the mail, free of charge. It's the second free replacement he's gotten for his JanSport backpack since our college days. Or maybe the third. He's lost track.

I knew there was a reason I married that guy -- he's a closet Frugalista. Eh, frugalisto? See how happy he is with his free replacement backpack? 


And -- I love this touch -- they even cut the patches off his old backpack and included them in the package with the new backpack.

Both times he sent in his backpack, it was suffering from just normal wear and tear. This time, a seam was fraying open -- not bad after 10 years of daily use. The first time, he received a cheaper model than the one he had originally bought. This time around, the color is different but he got a model that looks the same. 


And, as you see, the tag reminds him that the new one still carries the original lifetime warranty he acquired with his first JanSport purchase back in the early '90s.

Maybe someday we'll send one of our kids off to college carrying a Jansport backpack from this "family"!

All JanSport bags sold today still carry this lifetime warranty, according to JanSport's Web site. Now, this is no sales pitch for JanSport -- heck, I would make a small commission through the Amazon affiliate link at the top of this post even if you buy a competitor's backpack. Personally, my taste in bags runs along less studenty lines. 

My point is that there are Frugalista-worthy deals out there that are anything but the latest news -- this one has been around for more than a decade -- that are still worth your notice right now.

Also, my husband is a really cute geek.



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