Grocery Shopping This Week: Lotsa Free Stuff

This was a Catalina week, which means my grocery shopping looks, well, weird. In fact, my husband  sort of mentioned that we hardly have food in the house. Except for that huge pile of stuff on the table there, most of which is headed for the basement pantry.
Well, when I get done scooping up free and almost-free food in this Catalina deal, THEN I'll have time to buy some regular groceries.

Here's what I bought with my $100 grocery budget this week:

$39 on eight rounds of the ConAgra Catalina deal at Jewel. Why so much, when most of the transactions I did cost less than $3 after Catalina and coupons, or actually made money? Well, there were a few transactions I was nervous about, and did not want to risk losing my Catalina coupon, so I paid cash. I've got $25 in Catalina coupons sitting in my coupon file for future shopping.

(I'll post a summary of everything I bought in this deal when I'm done shopping it tomorrow.)

$3.60 on other groceries at Jewel (pack of hot dog buns, 1 banana, some other little thing)

$3 at CVS on two gallons of milk, 2 cannisters Quaker Quick Oats, and various freebies. (total would have been higher but I both used and earned Extra Bucks there. For my budget, I count the cash I spend only.)

$32, as usual, for our CSA box of produce.

So I spent $78 of my available $100 budget. $22 goes to the "2010 buy a cow" fund, bringing that total up to $117.

What our family of 5 ate on our $100 budget this week:

Wednesday - got Popeyes with my parents
Thursday - lunch - leftover Popeyes, dinner = liver and onions, squash
Friday - ordered pizza
Saturday - dinner = homemade split pea soup with ham hocks, daikon, carrots and leeks; homemade bread
Sunday - breakfast = french toast and fruit, lunch = leftover soup and bread, dinner = homemade beet soup with ham hocks and carrots, homemade squash bread
Monday - breakfast = oatmeal with fruit, cheese, lunch = grapes, leftover soup, granola with yogurt, dinner = frozen wild salmon, whipped organic potatoes, organic broccoli with cheese sauce
Tuesday - breakfast = cereal and pears, lunch = leftover soup, inner = hot dogs with whole wheat buns, whipped organic potatoes, organic squash



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