Graco Stroller Recall

There's a new Graco stroller recall today affecting 2 million strollers. Affected are certain Quattro and MetroLite strollers, and hey -- the picture in the recall notice at the CPSC? That's my stroller. Or it was until the wheel fell off twice and Epu gave up on fixing it and we put it out with the trash.



The recall affects Quattros made before November 2006 and MetroLites made before January 2007. Apparently four kids have been strangled in these strollers by slipping down and getting their head stuck between the tray and seat.

It's not something I would panic about as a parent. I mean, my heart goes out to any family that loses a child tragically. But if you were assuming that it's safe to put your kid in the seat of a stroller, not strapped in, and walk away, you were wrong. Aside from this particular issue, the kid could get caught in some crevice of the stroller, crawl out and crack their head, get stuck in the canopy mechanism, etc.

But, if you are still using one of these older strollers, certainly check the model number against this page and see if it's part of the recall. You can get a free repair kit from Graco,



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hawk3ye said:


I bought a used baby gate somewhere and when I went to install it, one of the hinges was cracked. So I tracked down the model and found there was a recall by Evenflo and ordered the replacement kit.

I thought this would solve my problem, but actually the replacement kit was for the faulty *latch*, not the faulty hinge. I called them back and they were more than happy to send me a hinge, and will also send FedEx to pick up the broken hinge.

Sometimes it's thrifty to learn how to navigate these customer service systems & recall sites!

Sorry your stroller was a bust tho.

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