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On Sunday I mentioned that the OfficeMax ad in the paper was offering a 10-ream case of paper free again -- you buy it for $39.99, they give you 100% back in the form of MaxPerks. Well, I just got an email from them that pointed out that this deal is also available online. And if you spend $50 or more, shipping is free.

(You can even get 4% cash back if you go through Shop at Home.)

In my opinion, getting restocked on paper for free without even having to haul it in the house is pretty sweet. Honestly, I could barely get a 10-ream case of paper from the bottom of my shopping cart into the back of my car.

If you don't need more than one case of paper, you can jack your purchase up to $50 with some of the other free-after-rebate offers. They are:

12-pack Prismacolor erasable red pencils $7.29

12-pack scented watercolor markers $8.79

12-pack Paper Mate pens $13.99

12-pack Bic Mechanical Pencils $6.99

The paper is limit 3, but the rest of the stuff is limit 6.

Unlike CVS or Walgreens, you don't get your rewards for OfficeMax until the end of the quarter. I did this deal in-store in September, and recently got an email that I had received my MaxPerks. Sure enough, I now have $49.56 MaxPerks. Of course, I couldn't remember exactly how much the various items I had bought cost. It took some clicking around the site before I found a detailed list of my purchases, and there I found out that everything I'd bought had paid MaxPerks as expected, except for a box of Sharpies.

So unlike CVS where you can examine your Extra Bucks and receipt right after you pay, and return anything that didn't produce the expected rewards, with MaxPerks you are probably going to end up stuck with something that didn't work out. I mean, I don't know why my Sharpies didn't pay MaxPerks. I probably got a non-qualifying size or variety. But we have now been using them for a month so it's not like I'm going to return them. I could of course email to complain about it. If I get around to that.



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Heads up, these expire 90 days after they're issued.

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