Catalina Shopped for an Hour or Two Tonight



First off, an apology. Earlier today I posted that you could use a Swiss Miss coupon for the Catalina deal at Jewel-Osco right now. Um, what? Swiss Miss is not on the UPC list. Not in the ad. No one anywhere mentioned buying Swiss Miss as part of this deal. And to top it off, when I was at the store today, I noticed that the Swiss Miss doesn't even have a "Preferred Price." It's on sale for $1, but it's labeled "Bonus Buy" as if it's an Osco order.

So, forget I ever said anything about Swiss Miss. I was thinking of Catalina deals of days past.

Tonight I shopped the Jewel-Osco General Mills Catalina deal and bought: 

Transaction 1:

8 BC brownies

1 Pillsbury crescents

1 Pillsbury crescents dough with no perforations

($1 cost after coupons and Cat)

 Transaction 2:

3 Reese's cereal

3 Golden Grahams

3 Cheerios (beware -- at my store the 12 oz. boxes were right next to the 14 oz. boxes; you want the 14 oz.)

(note that if you buy some Reese's you may only need 9 cereals because they ring at $2.95, not $2.75)

($6 cost after coupons and Cat)

Transaction 3:

13 frozen veg: sweet peas, snap peas, broccoli spears, creamed corn, broccoli cuts. all sauce free except creamed corn.

($3.50 moneymaker after coupons and Cats)

Transaction 4:

4 crescents

4 grands

1 Cheerios

(25 cent cost after coupons and Cat)

All worked, giving me a final cost of $3.75 + tax for the night. Well, OK, I had one faulty transaction when I brought up the wrong size Cheerios, but I realized as I was ringing it up that the Cheerios were the wrong price, and decided at the last minute not to pay with a Catalina. Which made returning the stuff and starting over easier.

This was at the Jewel in Oak Park on Madison Street, and there were plenty of vegetables, enough cereals (except Multigrain Cheerios), a few varieties Grands and Crescents, and I left y'all one lonely brownie mix. Some poor guy was trying to pick up the exact variety of crescents his wife wanted, with no luck. I thought about explaining it all to him, but it just sounded too bizarre so I went back to doing arithmetic in my head.



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