Body Shop Groupon deal

Update: It's The Body Shop. I bought one; love their body butters, and that has got to be good for a Christmas gift.

Groupon sent this email out to its affiliates this weekend:

Okay, I can't tell you who or what...but there is going to be a really good Groupon featured this coming Monday. It's $20 for $40 at a popular brick and mortar store...offline redemption only. It's NOT the Gap.  I can't say anything else, but I'll be buying and gifting a few myself, that's for sure. 

So, check your Groupon first thing in the morning, or even in 90 minutes if you're staying up late. One of my Tweeps bets it's a home goods store. Pottery Barn?



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Lisa said:


I can't lie...I would have been more excited about Pottery Barn.

Gary said:

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Its a weird choice for their second national brick and mortar deal. Http:// will be announcing some exciting partnerships soon.

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