High-End Consignment: ReFINE Style

I have posted about private buying sites like GILT Group, but I have a feeling this might be more up our alley for when we Frugalistas want to dress nice: high-end consignment, online. I just got a pitch from ReFINE Style, a consignment shop that sells online.

Hmm. Convenient if you live outside a big city, or, like me, live right by a big city but have trouble getting into boutiques because your entourage consists of a bunch of short people who terrorize shop ladies.

They have auctions like eBay and also "buy it now" like eBay does.

I liked this cocktail dress for under $30.

Course, you could always just buy clothes on eBay like a lot of people do. As for me, I have a hard time buying clothes online! Is that weird? It's just that, when I go into a dressing room with 10 things to try on, I'll usually emerge with one or none that I liked enough on me to buy. And it's even worse with shoes. Do you shop for clothes bargains online, and if so, do you have tips for me for figuring out if you will like the thing enough to keep?



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