Official Jewel-Osco Coupon Policy

Today I have a special treat for you -- I've been saving it until we began this grocery savings leg of The Frugalista Challenge. A Jewel-Osco official recently emailed me their official coupon policy. Woot! I haven't seen this anywhere else on the Web. It may be a Frugalista exclusive. Am I wrong?

If you are a hard-core couponer, you'll want to print this out and keep it with you when you shop at Jewel. (You can download the original document for print-out here.)

I highlighted a few interesting sections, which are discussed in this follow-up post about Jewel's coupon policy.



 The following policy and guidelines provide a definition of the various coupon types and the Company's respective redemption policies and guidelines for each type. All associates are expected to adhere to these policies and guidelines.

 Coupons are a form of tender presented by the customer to reduce their order total based on merchandise purchased in stores where the retailer has agreed to accept manufacturer coupons. Retailers are not required by law to accept manufacturers' coupon. Coupons can be printed and/or in electronic form, and maybe integrated into the register systems where they are deducted automatically when all purchase requirements are met. Coupons can not be doubled.

The following coupon types are accepted by Jewel-Osco:

  1. Any coupons that do not scan or do not have barcodes should be checked for validity of expiration date and purchase requirements MANUFACTURER COUPONS:

Manufacturer Coupons are coupons issued by the manufacturer containing:

  • "Terms of agreement" (legal paragraph 'To The Retailer')

  • Face value

  • Expiration date

  • Verbiage "Manufacturer Coupon."

Have a barcode. We do not accept expired Manufacturer Coupons or coupons that have had the expiration date cut off. If in doubt, call your manager.

NOTE: Jewel-Osco and other retailers issue coupons such as printed ad media coupons that are manufacturer coupons and contain the words "redeemable only at their retailer (e.g. Dominick's, Walgreens) this type of coupon is redeemable at Jewel-Osco as long as the coupons states "Manufacturer Coupon".



Store Coupons are the Company's discount offer in various forms of media including, but not limited to:

  • Print

      • Newspaper

      • Direct mailers

  • Electronic (e.g. RX coupon printed on the bottom of receipt)

  • Company websites

Store Coupons may contain the words:

  • "Redeemable only at Jewel-Osco"

  • "Discount applies only with Preferred Card"

We do not accept expired Store Coupons.


  • Buy One Get One FREE variable weight Store Coupons must have the dollar value and checkers initials written on the coupon at the time of redemption.


Catalina Checkout Coupons/Rebates are triggered by individual items purchased at checkout which print on the Catalina printer. Two types of Catalina coupons:

  • Manufacturer Coupons

  • Store Coupons

It is Jewel-Osco's policy that:

  • Coupons are intended for use on a future customer purchase

  • Catalina coupons must be given to each customer when printed (the Catalina printer beeps to alert Checker that there are coupons to present)

  • Checkers must destroy any coupons refused by the customer who was the intended recipient, by tearing coupons long-ways down the middle: associates CANNOT keep coupons that are left behind by customers, for themselves nor hand them to another customer or associate.

  • SCOT Attendants must consistently monitor Catalina Coupon Machines to insure that any coupons left behind by customers are destroyed by tearing coupons long-ways down the middle.

  • Catalina checkout coupons printed at other retailers may be accepted for redemption following these guidelines:

      • Manufacturer: (e.g. coupons state "Manufacturer Coupons" and contain the words "redeemable only at their retailer (e.g. Dominick's, Walgreens)"

      • Competitor store coupon: (e.g. $.50 coupon for Dominick's brand 16oz loaf bread may be redeemed when a 16oz loaf of Jewel bread is purchased)

        • Catalina offers may have possible limitations (i.e. limit one pre purchase, etc.)



Internet Coupons printed from a website are redeemable with a qualifying purchase. Jewel-Osco DOES NOT accept internet coupons containing the following conditions:

  • Coupons that have expired

  • 'Free' product offers that do not require a purchase

  • Redemption value exceeding $5.00

  • Absence of UPC bar code

  • Absence of Legal paragraph



Competitor Coupons are other retailers' company discount offers. Jewel-Osco will only redeem the following 2 types of Competitor coupons:

A. Competitor 'Own Brand' merchandise coupons on:

  • Exact size and type of Jewel-Osco 'Own Brand merchandise'

  • At the face value of the coupon

  • Within the valid dates of that coupon

(i.e. $.50 coupon for Dominick's brand 16oz loaf of Whole Wheat bread may be redeemed when a 16oz loaf of Jewel Whole Wheat bread is purchased). If the exact size and type can NOT be matched, the Competitor "Own Brand" merchandise coupon may not be redeemed.

B. Competitor Minimum Purchase Coupon can be redeemed:

  • At the face value of the coupon

  • Within the valid dates of that coupon

(e.g. Dominick's $5.00 off a minimum purchase of $50.00).


Competitor coupons can NOT be:

  • Doubled or tripled

  • Be used with a Jewel-Osco Store Coupon

      • Customers may choose between coupons (Jewel-Osco or the Competitor's) to receive the best price as long as the value of the product is not exceeded.

DO NOT ACCEPT Competitor coupons for "National Brand" items. (e.g. Dominick's Store coupon for $.50 off 8oz Kraft Cheese is NOT redeemable at Jewel-Osco.)



One Store and one Manufacturer coupon per item may be redeemed.

Credit all coupons by either:

  • Scanning the barcode (key entering barcode # if needed)

  • Key entering in the amount using the proper coupon and department key


    • Manufacturer Coupons redeemed within an EBT Link order must be key entered NEVER scanned.

    • Competitor 'Own Brand' coupon key entered as a Store Coupon.


NOTE: The coupon's Tax/Food Stamp eligibility should always match the item.

Coupon Acceptance Information:

Manufacturer Coupons:

  • Buy 1 Get One Free and Cents off coupons. A customer may use a B1G1Free manufacturer coupon and a manufacturer cents off coupon on the one item that is being purchased as long as the coupons do not exceed the price of the item. (e.g. customer purchases 2 cans of Bush's Beans, they have a B1G1Free manufacturer coupons and present a $1 off coupon, as long as the price of the 2 cans of beans exceed a $1 both coupons may be redeemed).

  • A coupon can NOT exceed the price of the item.

  • A coupon value can NOT be altered.

  • Illinois/Iowa: Liquor Coupons that state they are redeemable on a purchase of liquor and a non-alcoholic item are redeemed without the customer having to purchase the liquor item, however, some restrictions may apply when printed on the coupon (e.g."One coupon per customer").

  • Indiana: Liquor Coupons are NOT to be accepted - No coupons allowed for liquor purchases.

Sort and secure all redeemed coupons in check stand till or designated location.

Unconditional Free Coupons should be rung up as a separate order in the State of Illinois.

Cashiers must:

  1. Validate that the price of the item does not exceed the maximum value on the coupon.

  2. After scanning the coupon you will be prompted to key in the value of the free item (verify that the value of the item does NOT exceed the maximum allowed on the coupon).

  3. Write and circle the retail value redeemed on the coupon



  • Customers are eligible for cash back on their coupons no later than 60 days after purchase.

  • A legible, dated receipt must accompany all applicable coupons.

  • Coupons expiration date must be valid for the date the purchase was made

  • Verify coupons to items on receipt by circling items and initialing.

  • If redeeming a coupon specific to an order amount, write amount of redeemed coupon on the bottom of the receipt near total and initial. (i.e. $5.00 off a minimum purchase of $50.00).





Q. Do I need to validate the Expiration Date on every coupon?

A. YES, all coupon Expiration Dates must be checked for expiration date prior to scanning them.

Q. Why do Free Coupons prompt for a retail to be keyed in when scanned?

A. Free Coupons require cashiers to validate that the price of the item does not exceed the limit on the coupon.

Q. What if the coupon looks like it has been copied from a copy machine?

A. Only original coupons are accepted; copies are not acceptable; call your Manager.

Q. What does it mean that manufacturer coupons are a form of tender?

A. Coupons reduce the amount owed by the customer therefore must be secured in the check stand till or designated location. Manufacturer coupons are submitted for reimbursement to your store.

Q. What if one of our regular shoppers does not receive some of the promotional coupons such as direct mailers, can I give them the discount without the coupon being presented?

A. No, direct mail coupons are only available for use by the intended recipient of the coupon. If the customer is questioning how to receive coupons call your Manager

Q. Can a Customer redeem a manufacturer and a store coupon on the same item?

A. Yes, one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon can be used on the same qualifying item.

Q. Does the customer owe money on an unconditional free manufacturer coupon?

A. No, in most States, the customer is required to pay applicable taxes on a free item tendered with a Manufacturer Coupon. EXCEPTION: In Illinois the customer is relieved of paying taxes on any unconditional Free item coupon offers. To properly relieve the taxes on those items, the checker must ring the item in a separate order, scan the coupon, and relieve the taxes due, to make it a $00.00 transaction.

Q. What if the barcodes do not scan on a Store Coupon?

A. If the coupon barcode does not scan, call your Manager for assistance.

Q. What should I do with unwanted/left behind Catalina Coupons at SCOT terminal?

A. If a customer does not want or has left their Catalina Coupons at the SCOT terminal it is Jewel-Osco's Policy that the checker/RAP attendant destroy them immediately by tearing them long way, down the middle. Catalina Coupons can only be given to the customer for whom they were intended, not to any other customer or Associate.

Q. What should we do if a customer presents a competitor's coupon for the competitor's Private label (Own Brand) item?

A. Explain to the Customer we would gladly redeem their coupon for one of our 'Own Brand' products matching the exact item type, size. If the exact size and type can NOT be matched, the Competitor 'Own Brand' merchandise coupon may not be redeemed.

Q. Can a customer use coupons with a WIC Purchase?

A. Yes, a customer may use their Preferred Card as well as coupons on their WIC order.

Q. What if the expiration date has been cut off the Manufacturer Coupon?

A. If it is obvious that the expiration date has been cut off, call your manager.



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LaurenH said:

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Thank you! Thank you! I'm not a big Jewel shopper, but it's nice to see official word from the company, as well as the Illinois specific info. Once I can wrap my brain around it all, I may go back to looking at the Jewel circular again. ;) Congrats on your Exclusive! I heard it here first!

julie said:

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This is so great to have in writing! It's going on my iphone right now to always have with me! :-) Thanks and congrats on the exclusive!

jyw said:

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I actually emailed about part of the policy and received a response just last night. This is what I got (which doesn't match up with what is above). Is it possible that they've changed it recently?

Our Competitor's Coupon Acceptance Policy is as follows:

-Jewel-Osco will redeem competitor Own Brand coupons on comparable (size) Jewel-Osco Own Brand merchandise purchased at the face value of the coupon within the valid dates of that coupon. (I.e. $.50 coupon for Dominick s brand 16 oz loaf of bread may be redeemed when a 16oz loaf of Jewel bread is purchased.)
-Competitor Own Brand coupons may not be doubled or tripled and may not be used with a Jewel store coupon.
-Customers may choose between offers (Jewel or Competitor s Own Brand) to receive the best price as long as the value of the product is not exceeded.
-It is Jewel s policy for cashiers to abide by the competitor Own Brand coupon rules. Competitor s store coupons for National Brand items are NOT redeemable at Jewel. (I.e. $1.00 off Kraft Cheese).
-This does not apply to basket coupons (such as $5 off a $50 purchase)

jyw said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Please disregard, I think CS has an outdated copy of the policy.

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